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NexStar Database Objects

Name RA Dec Const Comments
Kite Cluster 01h40m +5900' Cas A diamond shaped pattern of stars resembling a 'kite' with a string of 5 stars making up the tail.
Triangle Clust 01h54m +3800' And A long string of stars leading to a isosceles triangle situated near the bright open cluster NGC 752.
Perseus Cluster 03h28m +4900' Per Called the Perseus Moving Cluster this asterism is a large association of over 50 stars scattered across 3 degrees of the constellation Perseus. All stars visible are bright, very young hot star dating back only about 50 million years.
Kembles Cascade 03h57m +6300' Cam Long strand of 5th to 8th magnitude stars streching over 2 degrees. Continuing southeast from the cluster will lead to the open cluster NGC 1502.
Little Fish 05h18m +3330' Aur More than a dozen stars make up this cluster which cover an area of 30' x 75' across
Arrowhead Clust 06h40m -0900' CMa A distinctive V-shaped pattern of star resembling an arrowhead positions about  7 degrees north of the star Sirius.
Number 3 Clust 06h53m -1012' CMa A pattern of faint stars seen as a backwards number '3' through a low power eyepiece. Look for the bright open cluster M50 just northwest of this asterism.
Crown Cluster 10h50m +5612' UMa A small 'crown' of stars with a bright 'jewel' star near the center located 2 degrees west of the star Merak.
Coma Star Clust 12h22m +2548' CmB The Coma Star Cluster. A 'V' shaped pattern of stars visible to the naked eye. This cluster is one of the closest to earth at a distance of 250 light-years.
Star Gate Cluster 12h36m -1200' Crv A unique triangle of stars with another triangle of fainter stars in its center.
Mini-coathanger 16h30m +8012' UMi A pattern of 10 faint stars spanning 1/2 degree, nicknamed the 'Mini-coathanger''S' Cluster
S Cluster 16h37m +3100' Her A curving pattern of a dozen stars resembling a backwards letter 'S'.
Ring Cluster 18h04m +2630' Her A faint ring of stars with a brighter 7th magnitude star inside the ring.
W Cluster 18h35m +7218' Dra An asterism of 20 stars, with the 5 brightest stars making a distinctive 'W' pattern 1/2 degree across.
Coathanger Cluster 19h25m +2012' Vul Called 'Brocchi's cluster' or the 'Coathanger cluster'. Visible to the naked eye 8 degrees south of the star Albireo. Ten visible stars make up a coathanger shape spanning 1 degree across.
Spiral Cluster 20h14m +3630' Cyg A sprawling pattern of stars resembling the arms of a spiral galaxy with a brighter reddish star in the center.
Diamond Cluster 20h39m +1330' Del Seen as a bright triangle of 7th magnitude stars, with 6th magnitude Theta Delphini being the brightest.
Horseshoe Clust 21h07m +4718' Cyg A 'Horseshoe' pattern of over a dozen 7th to 11th magnitude stars measuring 20' across lying near the bright star Deneb.
Number 7 Clust 23h07m +5900' Cas Nine 5th and 6th magnitude stars making up a sideways number '7'.
Arrow Cluster 23h21m +6230' Cas One degree of stars resembling an arrow pattern northeast of the cluster M52.

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