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The NexStar User's Guide
Updates and Corrections

This section of the website is no longer being updated due to the publication of the second edition of the NexStar User's Guide in October, 2017.

When updated information or corrections are necessary, you will find them here.  Downloads and links presented in the book are found here.

The most important update to my book is my NexStar Hand Control Version 4 User's Guide.  Be sure to download and check regularly for updated versions.

Chapter 3 - Overview of the NexStar Line
Chapter 4 - Alignment
Several new alignment methods have been introduced after the publication of the book:
Chapter 5 - Basic Operation
Chapter 7 - Using the Software Included with Little NexStars - TheSky and NexStar Observer List
Chapter 8 - Accessories for Your NexStar
Additional accessories are occasionally added to the Equipment Reviews section of the web site.
Chapter 10 - Controlling Your NexStar with a PC or Palmtop Computer
Chapter 11 - Astrophotography with a NexStar
Chapter 12 - Maintenance, Care and Cleaning
Chapter 14 - Additional Tips and Solutions
You should also check for additional tips in the Odds and Ends section of the web site.  Any tip in Odds and Ends that is dated after 1 April 2003 was added after the book was sent to the publisher.

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