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NexStar Database Objects

CCD Objects (Galaxy Clusters)      
Name RA Dec Const Comments
NGC 383 Group 01h07m23s +3225' Pisces A well populated galaxy group with more than a dozen small galaxies spread over a 1.5 degree area.  A good object for f/2 Fastar imaging.
Arp 318 02h09m24s -1008' Cetus A string of four spiral galaxies arranged in a line curving east and south.
NGC 1068 & 1055 02h42m24s +0013' Cetus This galaxy pair consists of a circular spiral galaxy with a brilliant core and less bright spiral arms with a visible dust lane running through one of its arms.
NGC 1097A 02h46m12s -3014' Fornax A strongly barred spiral galaxy with a large bright oval core.  Detached from the galaxy is a 30 arc second companion off of the northern spiral bar.
Fornax Cluster 03h22m42s -3712' Fornax This cluster is centered around its brightest member, NGC 1316 a bright slightly elongated oval galaxy surrounded by many fainter galaxies.
NGC 1400 & 1407 03h39m59s -1835' Eridanus Two very similar spiral galaxies with bright cores and faint halos separated by 12 arc minutes.
NGC 1532 & 1531 04h12m06s -3252' Eridanus This visually contrasting galaxy pair is separated by only 1.75 arc minutes.  NGC 1532 is a 10th magnitude elongated galaxy with a bright core.  NGC 1531 is a smaller, less elongated companion galaxy.
NGC 1723 Group 04h59m00s -1100' Eridanus A group of four galaxies in the shape of a cat's paw with three faint galaxies in an arc and the brighter NGC 1723, directly north of the trio.
Bode's Galaxies 09h55m36s +6920'   This galaxy pair made up of M81 and M82 are both bright oval shaped galaxies separated by half of a degree.  Good object for Fastar f/2 imaging.
NGC 3158 Group 10h13m48s +3846'   This galaxy group centered around NGC 3158 is made up of eight galaxies that span a 10 arc minute diameter and can be imaged at f/6.3 or at f/2 with a Fastar lens.
NGC 3190 Group 10h18m06s +2150' Leo NGC 3190 is the brightest member of this trio of galaxies which include NGC 3187 and NGC 3193.
Hydra I Cluster 10h36m42s -2732' Hydra Hydra I is a cluster of eight galaxies that lie at a distance of 200 million light-years away.  All are 11th and 12th magnitude galaxies, the farthest being about 30 arc minutes from each other.  Good object for f/2 Fastar imaging.
M105 Trio 10h47m48s +1235' Leo This galaxy group is composed of a 8 arc minute triangle of contrasting galaxies including an elliptical, lenticular and loose spiral galaxy.
Butterfly Galaxy 10h50m00s +3300'   Two elongated interacting galaxies connected at their tips giving the appearance of a butterfly.
Leo's Triple 11h19m30s +1315' Leo The Leo Triple is comprised of two bright Messier objects (M65 and M66) and NGC 3628 that form a triangle of more than 30 arc minutes across.  Best suited for Fastar f/2 imaging.
Copeland's Septet 11h37m54s +2159' Leo Copeland's Septet is a tight cluster of 6 faint galaxies scattered across a 6 arc minute field of view.  The galaxies range in brightness from 13.6 to 15th magnitude.  This cluster is best imaged through a f/6.3 reducer.
Ring-Tail Galaxy 12h01m53s -1853' Corvus NGC 4038-39 is an unusual pair of interacting galaxies that appear as one comma-shaped object.
NGC 4298 & 4302 12h21m43s +1436' Coma Berenices This visually contrasting pair are only separated by 1 arc minute and is best imaged at f/6.3 with reducer lens.
Virgo Cluster 12h26m12s +1257' Virgo M86 lies at the center of this galaxy cluster surrounded by seven satellite galaxies of various sizes and magnitude.
Siamese Twins 12h36m36s +1114' Virgo The Siamese Twins are a pair of interacting galaxies that appear to be joined at the tips.
NGC 5350 Group 13h53m24s +4022' Canes Venatici This group is positioned near a 6.5 magnitude star and has a bright spiral galaxy, NGC 5471 less than a half degree to the northeast.  A good object for f/2 Fastar imaging.
NGC 5774-75 14h54m00s +0333' Virgo Two spiral galaxies, one seen edge-on, the other seen face-on, with a faint companion galaxy to the south.
Stephan's Quintet 22h36m07s +3357' Pegasus These five galaxies all lie within a 3.5 arc minute area and range in brightness from 12.6 to 13.6. Stephan's Quintet is positioned just south of another good CCD object NGC 7330.
Deer Lick Cluster 22h37m06s +3425' Pegasus NGC 7331 is a nearly edge-on spiral galaxy with four smaller companion galaxies orbiting towards the east.
Pegasus I Cluster 23h20m42s +0813' Pegasus This galaxy cluster is made up of more than 10 faint galaxies ranging in magnitude from 11 to 13. The cluster spans 30 arc minutes across with two equal brightness twin galaxies in its center. Pegasus I is a good object for Fastar imaging.
NGC 7782 Group 23h53m54s +0758' Pisces At 12th magnitude NGC 7782 is the brightest of this five galaxy cluster located in Pisces.

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