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Key to Dreyer's Descriptions in the NGC/IC

When J. L. E. Dreyer edited his two main catalogs he included useful comments in a cryptic shorthand in order to save space.  Following is a key to Dreyer's shorthand descriptions.

     *        a single star
     *10      a star of 10th magnitude
     *7-8     star of magnitude 7 or 8
     **       double star (same as D*)
     ***      triple star
     !        remarkable
     !!       very much so
     !!!      a magnificent or otherwise interesting object
     ab       about
     alm      almost
     am       among
     annul    annular or ring nebula
     att      attached
     b        brighter
     bet      between
     biN      binuclear
     bn       brightest to north side
     bs       brightest to south side
     bp       brightest to preceding (westward) side
     bf       brightest to following (eastward) side
     B        bright
     c        considerably
     chev     chevelure ("a head of hair")
     co       coarse, coarsely
     com      cometic (cometary form)
     comp     companion
     conn     connected
     cont     in contact
     C        compressed
     Cl       cluster
     d        diameter
     def      defined
     dif      diffused
     diffic   difficult
     dist     distance, or distant
     D        double
     e        extremely, excessively
     ee       most extremely
     er       easily resolvable
     exc      eccentric
     E        extended
     f        following (eastward)
     F        faint
     g        gradually
     glob.    globular
     gr       group
     i        irregular
     iF       irregular figure
     inv      involved, involving
     l        little (adv.); long (adj.)
     L        large
     m        much
     m        magnitude
     M        middle, or in the middle
     n        north
     neb      nebula
     nebs     nebulous
     neby     nebulosity
     nf       north following
     np       north preceding
     ns       north-south
     nr       near
     N        nucleus, or to a nucleus
     p        preceding (westward)
     pf       preceding-following
     p        pretty (adv., before F. B. L, S)
     pg       pretty gradually
     pm       pretty much
     ps       pretty suddenly
     plan     planetary nebula (same as PN)
     prob     probably
     P        poor (sparse) in stars
     PN       planetary nebula
     r        resolvable (mottled, not resolved)
     rr       partially resolved, some stars seen
     rrr      well resolved, clearly consisting of stars
     R        round
     RR       exactly round
     Ri       rich in stars
     s        suddenly (abruptly)
     s        south
     sf       south following
     sp       south preceding
     sc       scattered
     sev      several
     st       stars (pl.)
     st 9...  stars of 9th magnitude and fainter
     st 9..13 stars of magnitude 9 to 13
     stell    stellar, point-like
     susp     suspected
     S        small in angular size
     S*       small (faint) star
     trap     trapezium
     triangle triangle, forms a triangle with
     triN     trinuclear
     v        very
     vv       very (greater emphasis)
     var      variable

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