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Firmware Versions on the LCM Series

Non-English Hand Control Owners - read this.  The
information below is for English-version hand controls.

LCM scopes have two sets of processors. There are processors in the hand control (HC) and there are processors in the base of the scope in a section known as the motor control (MC). The MC firmware can be updated by the owner (read this).

There have been two versions of hand control available for the LCM:

  • Hand control version 4.X.  This hand control can be updated by the owner.  Read this for step by step instructions on upgrading the firmware.
  • The NexStar+ hand control.  This hand control can be updated by the owner and began shipping with new LCM scopes in January 2012.  It is also available for purchase since February 2012.  Read this for info on this new hand control and this for step by step instructions on upgrading the firmware.

For additional details about features on newer versions, check the Manuals section of this web site.

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NexStar+ Hand Control

Celestron has posted an official document detailing all firmware versions for the NexStar+ hand control:
Check back periodically for updates.

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Version 4 Hand Control
 (firmware files are named SLT or SLT_LCM)

Note:  It is possible to use the NXS firmware on the NexStar SLT.  This will provide EQ alignment routines useful if you have fashioned a way to polar align (use of a wedge) your SLT scope.

  • 4.21 - Fixed the RS-232 negative declination bug found in 4.20.
  • 4.20 - This version has a bug - if you connect a computer/PDA/smart phone to the RS-232 port and direct a GoTo to an object with negative declination, the scope will instead point to +90 declination.  It is recommended you upgrade to 4.21 or higher.  Fixed an error in the GoTo RA-Dec menu item.  Hand Control now reports immediately if the are communication ("No Response") difficulties at start up.  No Response errors now give a "Press UNDO to continue" option.  For mounts with a GPS module in use, changed the messages displayed to clarify when the GPS was still attempting a link and when it was successful.
  • 4.17 - Original version for the LCM.

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MC Versions

  • 6.11 - Original version for the LCM.

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Determining Versions

Use the Version option on the Utility menu.

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