NexStar 50 Lunar Club Observation Log

Name: Terrance D. Hannan
NexStar Telescope Model: NexStar 8i


Object: 1 - Albategnius... Crater
Date Observed: 8-22-04 (9:15 PM)
Comments: Terminator is just W of the crater. Obvious internal crater about ¼ diameter of Abategnius is at the W. wall of the crater. There is a central mountain just E. of the internal crater. The E. wall of Abategnius is thick and complex. The W. wall is also thick and complex. Shadow covers ½ of E wall, while W. wall is sunlit. Very interesting and appealing crater. For some reason it appeals to me asthetically.

Object: 2 - Alpine Valley... Valley
Date Observed: 6-26-04 (9:25pm) (9 day old moon, 1st Qtr 6-25
Comments: 2” 19mm Konig for 107x with PSO polarizing filter
Alpine Valley is viewed about 1.5 Plato diameters to E of Plato. W wall fully illuminated. This is a long narrow valley with mouth off Mare Imbrium. Several blocks and mountains near its mouth. Valley flares out a little and then tapers to an apparent sharp end. Valley seems to run at about 60 degree angle with terminator tonight. (Terminator tonight runs N-S through E end of Bay of Rainbows.) 2/3 of the way up the Valley from the mouth there is a bright spot on valley floor but cannot discern if just bright spot on floor or a hill or mountain. Can not discern the rille on the floor, but then I never have.

Object: 3 - Alps... Mtn Range
Date Observed: 9-21-04 (7 day old moon)
Comments: Used 2” 32mm Astrola for 63.5x.
Group of mountains starting just W of Casini and running up to Plato, forming NE boundary of Mare Imbrium. They form a narrow string of 2 mountains side by side up to Alpine Valley from Casini and then spread out to a much wider mountainous area W of Alpine Valley up to Plato (only E wall of plato is visible tonight)

Object: 4 - Rupes Altai... Fault
Date Observed: 8-20-04
Comments: Used 2” 19mm Russell for 107x.
Altai escarpment is bathed with light of 5 day old moon and meanders in a rugged circular arc from Picilomini for about 5 Picilomini diameters into the Terminator.

Object: 5 - Apennines... Mtn Range
Date Observed: : 6-27-04 (dusk)
Comments: 2” 19mm Konig for 107x w/polarizing filter
Long curved range of mountains forming SE quarter of shore of Mare Imbrium. Terminator tonight is a little past Eratothenes to its W. Apennines form a sort of upside down “V” with SW shore of Sea of Serenity.

Object: 6 - Archimedes... Crater
Date Observed: 6-27-04 (dusk, 1st Qtr 6-25)
Comments: 2” 19mm Konig for 107x w/polarizing filter
Round walled plain which looks very similar to Plato but slightly smaller. Tonight there is a thin shadow along the inside of the E. wall. Inner W. wall is well lighted. Floor of crater is smooth like Plato. Tonight my impression is that there are variations in brightness on the floor. Note parallel set of long hills to S. of crater trending N-S.

Object: 7 - Aristarchus... Crater
Date Observed: 5-31-04, 10:45pm
Comments: 12.3mm Orion ED2 EP-165x,
13 day old moon. At high power, there is a semi-circular darker band inside crater, obvious against bright interior, with 2 short dark bands intersecting circular feature and then climbing wall of crater
to west.. Also a dark but small shaded area at east end of crater. This appears to be a shadow feature, unlike circular band and 2 bands on wall, which are permanent.

Object: 8 - Bailly... Crater
Date Observed: 9-8-04 (5 AM) (Moon is nearing end of last quarter)
Comments: This crater is near, and almost actually on the SW limb. It appears as a large oval crater but is somewhat difficult to discern. It was only when the terminator was near Schiller that I could grasp its general shape. Its SW wall is virtually on the limb! Found by finding Schiller, then 3 good sized crater in thin triangle and between them and the limb is bailly. It is an oval appearing ringed plain. Several small craters dot the floor. Floor is not smooth maria but also is not too rough. There is a crater the same size as the 3 craters refered to above on the wall away from the limb.

Object: 9 - Billy... Crater
Date Observed: 7-28-04 (10:10 PM, Sunset about 8:45 PM)
Comments: Used 12.3mm for 165x.
11 day old moon. Seeing is not good. Billy is appears as a well defined oval crater NE of Gassendi about 4 Gassendi diameters from Gassendi. Billy’s E. wall is lined with shadow. Floor seems smooth and flat but no floor detail observed. The floor seems lower than the surrounding maria. There is a crater just north of Billy (Hansteen per chart) There are 2 large mountains just outside Billy’s E. wall. (At “garage” site.)

Object: 10 - Cassini... Crater
Date Observed: 7-26-04 (9:00 PM, about 10 min after sunset)
Comments: Used 12.3 mm for 165x and 19mm for 107x. At “garage” site.
Cassini is N. and a little W. of Aristillus in Serenity. It has an oval shape and sharp low walls. There is a large prominent crater on the N side of Cassini’s floor, and a smaller crater at the SW end of Cassini’s floor. The bigger crater gives Cassini and odd “eyeball” like appearance. The is also a small crater on Cassini’s NW outer wall. Thin shadow lines the E. inner wall and there is a bright spot between the big internal crater and the E wall.

Object: 11 - Clavius... Crater
Date Observed: 12-3-03 (5:15 pm)
Comments: 15mm Plossl for 135X
Seeing a bit foggy. 1st lunar view using new Nexstar8i! Could not complete sketch as fog rolled in too thick to continue. Good old Clavius. Curved chain of craters descending in size and suggesting a spiral is a sight to behold. Series of almost connected dots of shadow line the wall the crater chain leads to. At first looked like solid shadow line parallel to floor, but closer look showed shadows are separate but close together.

Object: 12 - Copernicus... Crater
Date Observed: 3-30-04
Comments: 3 days after 1st Qr. 25mm plossl w/2x Barlow for 162x
Fantastic detail visible tonight along inner walls of crater. Complex shadow features along wall, and detailed lines on wall in sunshine.

Object: 13 - Dionysius... Crater
Date Observed: 9-21-04 (7-day old moon)
Comments: Used 2” 19mm Russel Konig for 107x
Found Ritter and Sabine pair on W side of Tranquility, and line through them extended Nw about one Ritter diameter ends at Dionysius. Dionysius is a small bright circle, but with W wall more brilliantly lit and wider than E wall. E ½ of floor is in shadow.

Object: 14 - Euclides (Euclid)... Crater
Date Observed: 9-23-04 (9 day old moon)
Comments: used 1 ¼ “ 12.3mm Orion Epic ED 2 for 165x
Follow crater chain from Copernicus to Reinhold to Landsberg, then S. to short mountain chain, with Euclides just w of the small mountain chain. Very small crater but gives impression of standing high above surrounding maria. It is just E. of terminator tonight. The walls of crater create an almost complete circle of light with just a small portion of wall on S. not lit. The floor is covered in shadow, and the crater casts a cone like shadow to the W, which terminates just at terminator.

Object: 15 - Furnerius... Crater
Date Observed: 6-20-04 (3 day old moon)
Comments: 2” Russell 19mm Konig for 107x
Crater has rectangular shape but with triangular shape to wall at one end giving it shape of long narrow house. There is central block but it is near west wall and near north end of crater.

Object: 16 - Gassendi... Crater
Date Observed: 4-30-04 (1st Qtr 4-27, 10 day old moon)
Comments: 12.3 mm 1 1/4'’ ED2 for 165x
This shadow line along east wall. Lots of detail on floor, almost obscures usual “2:40” shape of floor details. This time noted 2 small dark paralled lines on wall opposite shadowed wall. Counted 13 separable features on floor

Object: 17 - Giordano Bruno... Crater
Date Observed:

Object: 18 - Grimaldi... Crater
Date Observed: 12-6-03 (4th qtr 12-16 so about a 12 day old moon?)
Comments: Grimaldi is at end of chain beginning with Calerius-Hevelius-Lohrman, and then Grimaldi, on Edge of Oceonus Procellerum. Wall on side of terminator looks broken in many places while opposite “wall” is a line of 6-7 separate features. There is some features n floor along most complete wall. Interesting features below Grimaldi not named in my sketch.

Object: 19 - Hainzel... Crater
Date Observed: 2-5-04 (full moon 2-6004)
Comments: 15mm plossl for 135x.
Long and narrow crater but with “v” shape gash in North end. Walls look shallow a relatively thin. Terminator is along western wall. Numerous features on floor. Ray from Tycho almost reaches its east wall. 3 small similarly sized craters are along the east wall, and the ray from Tycho terminates here.

Object: 20 - Hercules... Crater
Date Observed: 9-21-04 (7 day old moon)
Comments: Used 2” 19mm Konig by Russell for 107x.
It is next to larger crater Atlas. Line from Atlas to Hercules runs W. Hercules forms an impressive pair with Atlas. Space between Atlas and Hercules is about ½ diameter of Hercules. Hercules has a smooth floor darker than surrounding terrain. There is a large internal crater about ½ diameter of Hercules. The internal crater has bright walls and shadowed interior. The E wall of Hercules is complex but thinner than the W wall, which is also quite complex with large internal terrace. There is a dark line along the NE section of Hercules wall showing an irregular shadowed edge, and a dark line transversing the W wall paralleling the top of the W wall.

Object: 21 - John Herschel... Crater
Date Observed: 7-27-04 (about an hour after sunset)
Comments: Used 12.3mm for 165x at “garage” site.
Roughly circular formation, near N edge of Mare Firgorus. Could not detect very well yesterday. Seems to be visible only during a narrow range of time. There is a narrow shadow band inside the crater running almost completely around the crater. (How is that possible?) There is a small crater imbedded in the wall and some objects and patches inside the crater on its floor that are not clearly observed. Later in evening switched telescopes and did sketch using Orion ED 80 refractor. Shadow running around almost entire inner wall of crater was seen again.

Object: 22 - Hesiodus Sunrise Ray... Occurrence
Date Observed: 7-25-04 (8:40 – 10:37 PM, PDT, Sunset 8:47 PM)
Comments: Used several eyepieces 32mm, 20 mm, 15mm, 12.3mm for 63.5x-165x. At “garage” site where I fight garage lights in complex but have a view of Eastern sky. Read in discussion group that sunrise ray would start at 11:11 CDT, which is 9:11 PDT, so set up and waited. Hesodius adjoins the much larger Pitatus on its west wall. A vertical shadow on the East outer wall of Hesodius (i.e. West inner wall of Pititus) marks the cleft where the ray enters. At 8:40 pm just before sunset and using a polarizing filter, Hesodius floor almost covered with dark shadow but with a distinct “v” at the top of the shadow where it was climbing Hesodius W. wall. At 9:11 the v shaped break in the shadow seemed to extend ½ way from the W wall to where I guessed the E wall of Hesodius was. By 9:35 the very narrow cone of light seemed to have moved nearer the E. wall than it was earlier. At 165x I thought I saw a faint light spot near the cleft in the wall followed by a short dark area followed by the light cone. I could not tell if the dark spot blocked the entire ray or whether the ray went around it. This became more prominent and easily observable as the minutes went by. Seeing was poor however, and the moon drew nearer and nearer to the top of the garage roof line. Switched to lower power and at 63.5x the light ray looked like it went all way from W. wall of Hesodius to the cleft. Only at higher power did there seem to be a dark spot breaking the ray near the cleft. Lost moon at 10:37 pm as garage got in way. (I then double checked the above observation of the ray made with my N8i, by observing from balcony with Orion ED 80 refractor and view was same—A complete ray at low power running between the E and W walls, with a dark spot near the cleft on the E wall of Hesodius interrupting the ray at higher power) Did sketch.

Object: 23 - Kepler... Crater
Date Observed: 7-28-04 (10 pm, 11 day old moon)
Comments: Used 12.3 mm for 165x, at garage site.
Kepler is a smaller crater due W. of Copernicus. It’s diameter seems to be about ¼ that of Copernicus. Kepler has sharp well defined walls and seems a good circle. The E. wall and small part of Eastern floor is in shadow. The W. wall is well lit. The brighter irregular circular “ray” material around Kepler is visible now as just a brighter area on the darker maria, but not yet very pronounced. There seems to be a dark line in the W inner wall, but seeing is not good enough to discern more. Kepler’s floor definitely seems to be deeper than the surrounding maria.

Object: 24 - Linne... Crater
Date Observed: 7-26-04 (8:50 pm, about sunset)
Comments: Used 12.3 mm for 165X with polarizing filter at garage site.
Not best time to observe Linne but it is small so when is? Anyway there it was—a small bright whitish spot in Serenity positioned about the middle of where Serenity connects with Mare Imbrium. It is a very conspicuous white spot, but that is about it.

Object: 25 - Manilius... Crater
Date Observed: 6-27-04 (dusk, 1st Qtr 6-25)
Comments: 2” 19mm Konig (107x) & 12.3mm Orion Epic ED2 (165x)
Bright obvious sharp small crater ½ diameter of Eratoshenes and 1.5-2x diameter of Menelaus. It is just SW of Menelaus. More oval shaped than Menelaus, with its long axis point E-W. Central obstruction is bright. W inner wall shows either complex terraces or maybe inner feature that parallels crater wall like Posidonius (?). There is a small ray “splat” surrounding most of crater sort of like with Kepler only smaller in extent. Ray material runs to E and N of crater and also to W but to lesser extent. The ray “splat” does not appear below the crater (ie to S)

Object: 26 - Maurolycus... Crater
Date Observed: 9-21-04 (7-day old moon)
Comments: Used 2” 19mm Konig by Russell for 107x.
E. of Stoffler, large crater with oval shaped floor, central mountain and small crater was noted on S. wall. E wall is rugged and craggy. There is a small crater on N. wall. A white colored curved structure is noted on the N. side of the W. part of the floor along with white streaks, but its exact nature was not discenible.

Object: 27 - Menelaus... Crater
Date Observed: 6-27-04 (Dusk, 1st Qtr 6-25)
Comments: 2” 19mm Konig (107x) & 12.3mm Orion Epic ED2 (165x)
Small crater on S shore of Serenity. Walls are very bright all the way around with bright oblong patch inside crater whose major axis runs N-S. There is a large single bright ray running N from Menelaus across Serenity. It seems to be reinforced by crater Bessel (about ¼ way across Serenity).

Object: 28 - Messier A... Crater
Date Observed: 7-26-04 (still dusk, but sun had set)
Comments: Used 12.33 for 165x with polarizing filter.
Both Messier and Messier A are clearly visible has bright very small spots on W. side of Fertility clearly marked by the “T” formation of rays. Messier A is the Western most crater with Messier to its E. Messier A is also appears more clearly circular as contrasted with the more oblong appearance in the eyepiece of Messier itself to the E. The ray running through Messier A runs N-S from Messier A while the ray from Messier itself runs only to the E, and fans out into what appears to be 2 rays paralled to each other.

Object: 29 - Petavius... Crater
Date Observed: 4-22-04 (1st Qtr 4-27)
Comments: Used 12.3mm ED2 for 165x
Circular with some foreshortening, central mountain cast nice shadow and rille has shadow marking it nicely. There is detail along west wall-shadowed line on wall near floor following floor for ½ western wall with portion above it distinguishable from top of west wall. Note straigt feature coming off east wall like a line tangent to circular crater

Object: 30 - Piccolomini... Crater
Date Observed: 1-26-04 (5 day old moon)
Comments: on south end of Mare Nectaris—Classic sharp crater shape-Floor 2/3 shadow, but 2 long shadows suggest peaks on wall not seen visually—wait one shadow “peak” cast by central mountain. Interesting strait chain of hills below crater (forgot to indicate directions in my notes)

Object: 31 - Pico... Mountain
Date Observed: 6-26-04 (9:40 pm, sunset 9:04pm, !st Qtr 6-5)
Comments: 2” 19mm Konig (107x)
On Mare Imbrium about 1 Plato diameter down from Plato and just below (s.) of Plato’s E. wall. Mountain peak, standing alone, narrower than it is wide. Tonight it casts shadow about same size at itself to SW.

Object: 32 - Plato... Crater
Date Observed: 5-28-04 (Full moon 6-2-04)
Comments: 12.3 Orion ED2 for 165x
Plato floor fully illuminated. No craterlets seen on floor. Noted chunk of wall surrounded by bright line suggesting large chunk of wall is detached from rest of wall. Thin shadow along about ¼ of opposite wall. Note at point where shadow ends 2 bright rectangular patches on outer wall contrating with darker hew of outer wall itself. I have not seen this before. I do not think it is a shadow feature since on outer wall with shadow just starting there on inner wall. Again noted area of wall that almost seems like a gap. Again noted what almost seem like linear features tending north from north side of crater that parallel alpine valley.

Object: 33 - Plinius (Pliny)... Crater
Date Observed: 6-27-04 (Dusk, 1st Qtr 6-25)
Comments: 2” 19mm Konig (107x) & 12.3mm Orion Epic ED2 (165x)
In Sea of Serenity-followed chain of Haemus Mountians past Menelaus to Plinius in Mare area between Serenity and Tranquility. Plinius is about same size as Manilius but looks very odd in 9 day old moon, as fully lit and w/o benefit of any shadow. Crater walls are marked by bright but very thin circular outline. There is a bright central patch which is about ¼ diameter of the crater with bright protrusion running from central patch NW to edge of crater. There are 2 smaller bright patches to S and W of central patch. (Note that Plinius, Manilius, Menlaus seem similar in type and size, are in same general area of moon and all exhibit marked bright areas or rays when fully illumintated.

Object: 34 - Posidonius... Crater
Date Observed: 2-10-04 (2nd Qtr 2-8-04)
Comments: 20mm plossl for 101X
An old favorite but not sketched recently. Circular feature inside wall is seen but seeing is lousy. What appear to be 2 central objects are seen. Smaller crater breaks into one wall and is shadow filled.

Object: 35 - Proclus... Crater
Date Observed: 1-31-04 (full moon 2-6, so about 1st qtr)
Comments: 15mm plossl, for 101X. Proclus area brilliantly lit. However there is a darker circular spot at center of Proclus surrounded by bright area. 2 brilliant rays fan out from crater at about120 degrees from each other almost completely missing “marsh” area which is darker than ray of outer portion of crater. Interest pattern of bright spots w/i marsh but with darker circular crater like feature at end of marsh opposite Proclus.

Object: 36 - Pyrenees Mountains... Mtn Range
Date Observed:

Object: 37 - Pythagoras... Crater
Date Observed: 7-29-04 (about 10:15 PM)
Comments: Used 12.3 mm for 165x at garage site—had to hurry as it was about to be blocked for a while by an inconveniently placed tree. Pythagoras is a classical crater that seems to be out of place in the chaotic terrain N. of Mare Frigoris. Is is very oval due to foreshortening, and has a prominent peak at the center reflecting lignt. (I did not observe the 2nd peak behind the 1st one) The N. wall is brightly lit and seems heavily and complexly terraced. The S. inner wall is lined by shadow and part of the S. floor is in shadow as well.

Object: 38 - Pytheas... Crater
Date Observed: 6-27-04 (Dusk, 1st Qtr-6/25)
Comments: 2” 19mm Konig (107x) & 12.3mm Orion Epic ED2 (165x)
Smaller crater found in Mare Imbrium almost due N. of Copernicus and about 1/7 way across Mare Imbrium from Copernicus. Appears as small but bright and sharply defined. E. wall lit E. ½ of the floor covered in dark shadow, with glimpses of a dark patch running up W. inner wall which is well lit. Tiny crater pit noted on N outer wall, as well as small mountain or hill next to S wall.

Object: 39 - Reiner Gamma... Discolor
Date Observed: 7-5-04 (AM)
Comments: Moon looks completely full in scope although fullness is not reported to begin until tomorrow. Moon low on horizon. Identified Reiner with some difficulty using Copernicus-Kepler-Reiner line. Moved beyond Reiner to Reiner Gamma slightly to N of Reiner and a bit longer to the W. Reiner gamma appears as an oval outline with a bright central oval patch longer along E-W than N-S, and with a bright protusion that points back to the E.

Object: 40 - Reinhold... Crater
Date Observed: 7-26-04 (about Sunset)
Comments: Used 2” 19mm for 107x and 12.3 mm 1 ¼ “ Orion ED2 for 165x at garage site, with polarizing filter. This is a sharply defined small crater S of Copernicus. Its floor looks to be deeper than the surrounding Maria. It is about 1/3 diameter of Copernicus. A smaller circular crater with floor level to maria is to Reinhold’s NE, but it does not touch Reinhold. Reinhold looks like Eratosthenes and shows an ejecta blanket to its W with none showing to its E. Reinhold’s floor is half covered with shadow, and I can not detect in this view whether there is a central mountain or not.

Object: 41 - Rima Ariadaeus... Fault
Date Observed: 4-26-04 (1st Qtr 4-27)
Comments: 12.3 mm Orion ED-2 for 165x
Ariadaeus rill quite clear—sketched it and Hyginus in same sketch—note curving feature about that interrupts rill at about center with 2 tiny craters just off rille that seem to be at end of short rille that would intersect Ariadaeus at 100degrees if it continued. Note Ariadaeus looks like it starts “above” (in this FOV) Hyginus about when Hyginus fades out.

Object: 42 - Rupes Cauchy... Fault
Date Observed:

Object: 43 - Rupes Recta... Fault
Date Observed: 7-25-04 (8 day old moon, 1 hour after sunset)
Comments: Used 2” 19mm for 107x.
(Viewed this old favorite while waiting for Hesodius Ray to reach full extent) Very obvioius tonight despite poor seeing. Thebit and crater on its margin and the crater pit on its margin were visible. Strait wall itself marked by clear shadow line cast to west. The sword handle was clear. Crater to wall’s west with its crater pit were seen. The light colored circular feature that suggest a circular pattern around the straight wall are was also obvious South and West of the wall.

Object: 44 - Schiller... Crater
Date Observed: 7-28-04 (around 10:20 pm)
Comments: Using 12.3 mm for 165x at garage site.
Very distinctive. This is a long thin tending E-W with sharp not oval ending at both sides of the crater. It is not too far from Tycho. Tonight Schiller is about a Gassendi diameter from the terminator. There is a crater on Schiller NE end. There is thin shadow line along the N wall. The S. wall is brightly lit. Can not discern floor detail in this session.

Object: 45 - Sinus Medii... Bay
Date Observed: 9-21-04 (7-day old moon)
Comments: Used 2” 19mm Konig by Russell for 107x.
Smooth area of maria just beneath Pallas (strange long oval crater formation split in half by wall jutting into floor from S.) It is smooth with a few craterlets, and darker than maria surrounding it. Sinus Meddii is at exact center of moon and just SW of Sinus Aestuum and SE of Mare Vaporum. Triesneker crater is in the immediate vicinity just to the NW.

Object: 46 - Theophilus... Crater
Date Observed: 8-20-04 (8:25 PM,Sunset 8:12)
Comments: 5 day old moon. 2” 19mm Russell for 107x.
Very prominent oval shaped crater with sharply defined walls. The floor is covered by shadow. The shadow reaches the W. wall. The w. wall has a bright spot at the top and a darker area underneath it. Although the floor is shadowed, the central peak is sunlit. Closer inspection of the lighted central peak shows 2 distinct peaks separated by shadow. Sort of like splitting a double star. I didn’t know Theophilus had this feature. Hope it is real.

Object: 47 - Timocharis... Crater
Date Observed: 6-27-04 (Dusk, 1st Qtr 6/25)
Comments: 12.3 mm Orion Epic ED2 (165x)
Crater is in Mare Imbrium about ½ way between Archimedes and Pytheas just above line connecting those 2 craters. Timocharis is a sharp well defined crater with a central peak. The floor of the crater seems to be much deeper than the level of the Mare material that surrounds it. W. wall shows terraces. Thin shadow line just inside E. wall.

Object: 48 - Tycho... Crater
Date Observed: 3-29-04 (8 day old moon?)
Comments: 32mm plossl w/ 2x Barlow for 135x
Amazing detail is visible along west (?) wall of Tycho ½ of crater floor in deep shadow. Wall brilliantly lit shows amazing detail with thin shadow lines snaking about terraced wall that is lit. Central peak casts long thin shadow.

Object: 49 - Vallis Schroteri... Valley
Date Observed: 4-1-04 (Full moon 4-5)
Comments: 32 mm Plossl w/2x Barlow for 127x
Valley clear from Cobra head near Herodotus until disappears after circling around to hill like features. Note other valley like feature to NW(?). Aristarchus shows bands on wall, though not too distinct tonight. Note dark line like wrinkle ridge that comes off blocks at end of Valley. Have not noticed this before.

Object: 50 - Wargentin... Crater
Date Observed: 5-31-04 (Full moon 6-2)
Comments: 12.3mm Orion ED2 for 165X w/ Contrast Booster filter.
Wargentin clearly shows its raised floor feature, between Phocylides and Shickard, with thin shadow along southwestern(?) wall. I can’t tell if it looks like a Camembert cheese because although I have observed Wargentin many times I have never observed a Camembert cheese. Note drawing Wargentin as a raised feature is beyond by sketching talents.