NexStar 50 Club Observation Log

Name: Terry Hannan
NexStar Telescope Model(s): NexStar 8i
General Comments: Unless otherwise noted, all observing sessions are at my “home site”, which is the 2nd floor balcony of my condominium, facing west, in light polluted skies (Milky Way not visible) several miles NE of Portland Or. “Garage Site” is same location facing East from my garage door.


Object: 1 - Orion Nebula… M42 / NGC1976
Date Observed: 3-10-04 (7:40-8:00 pm)
Comments: 25mm Plossl with 2x Barlow for 162x, calc FOV 0.3 degrees
High power view. Did sketch. Nebula has mottled appearance at higher power that is impossible for me to sketch. Obvious nebulosity is about ½ FOV at this power and fades off after that but can be seen with averted vision. Lower wing adjacent to 3 stars extends to just beyond the 3 straight line stars. Dark indention into Nebula above the trapezium is clearly detected although not obvious.

Object: 2 - Hercules Cluster… M13 / NGC6205
Date Observed: 6-17-04
Comments: Used different powers. With 2” 50mm for 41x, M-13 is a small bright fuzzy patch but no individual stars are resolved. With 2” 19mm for 107x M-13 becomes almost a “see through” globular cluster. Individual stars are easily resolved to the point you have the impression you can “see through” parts of globular to outer space on its other side. Sketched M-13 using Astrola 2” 32 mm for 63.5x and a calculated AFOV of about 1.0 degree. Roughly estimated M-13 as occupying about 1/10 FOV.

Object: 3 – Ring Nebula… M57 / NGC6720
Date Observed: 7-2-04 (1:00 AM)
Comments: Used 12.3mm Orion Epic ED2 for 165x w/ Lumicon OIII filter
Ghostly donut with central hole clearly observed. Seemed like there was some nebulosity inside the hole but no central star observed. The ring seemed more of an oval than a circle. OIII filter made big difference in the Ring’s observability. M57 was near the zenith and the moon was almost full. Did sketch.

Object: 4 - Saturn
Date Observed: 1-20-04 (9:45 pm--)
Comments: 15mm Plossl for 135x
Nicest view of Saturn with this scope yet. Casini div is clear, EB on Saturn is also clear with hints of detail within the belt. Observed again using 9mm for 201x, and EB still visible along with Casini division.

Object: 5 - Moon
Date Observed: 6-20-04 (3 day old moon)
Comments: Started with 2” 32mm and switched to 2” 19mm for 107x
Sketched and observed almost entire moon from N of Cleomedes down to Furnerious. Cleomedes to North was lst, but central objects were not too clear due to low position on horizon. Mare Crisium was fully visible with the “happy face” feature below it. The “Micky Mouse” group of craters was clear just NW of Langrenus. Vendelinus and then Petavius with its rille clearly marked with shadow came next. Finally was Furnerious. Sketched whole thing. Never tried sketching that much lunar territory. Not good effort. Each feature is too small to permit anything but rough shapes.

Object: 6 – Andromeda… M31 / NGC224
Date Observed: 1-20-04 (8:00 PM)
Comments: 40mm Plossl for 51x, calc FOV .9 (I doubt it!)
Elongated fuzzy glow, No spiral visible, sketched twice, nice star background, did not look for companion galaxies tonight.

Object: 7 – Dumbell Nebula… M27 / NGC6853
Date Observed: 7-5-05 (2:30 AM)
Comments: Used 2” 32mm Astrola for 63.5x and about 1 degree FOV.
Seen as dim but noticeable rectangular fuzzy patch when seen w/o OIII filter. With Lumicon OIII filter it was much brighter with hint of indentations on top and bottom that create “dumbbell” shape. The nebula seemed to be brighter at the 2 “dumbbell” ends than it was near the center. It filled about 1/6 the FOV, which is about right for its reported 15’ size.

Object: 8 – Pleades / Seven Sisters… M45
Date Observed: 8-8-04 (4:12 AM)
Comments: Used 2” 32 mm for 63.x and 1 degree FOV.
Very big bright but sparse star cluster in Taurus, forming a sort of “dipper” formation. (I have seen them many times, but no notes were ever taking using N8i, so needed to redo observation.) 4 stars of “dipper” and one making “handle” were within same FOV, but 6th bright star and some other dimmer ones were outside FOV.

Object: 9 – Jupiter
Date Observed: 3-27-04 (9pm?-12:25am 3-28-04)
Comments: Used various EP’s.
Started at OMSI star party and left about 11:30 pm and then set up again at home and followed shadows of moons from 12:02-12:25 AM). Used 32mm Plossl w/2x Barlow at home for 135x. Both N and S polar regions were visible. N and S equatorial belts were easy. 3 dark areas noted in NEB. 1 Festoon noted in SEB at midnight with occasional glimpses of darker spots to left of festoon in this FOV. The spots in NEB were very dark and I confused these with moon shadows for awhile. I haven never seen spots in the NEB as dark! 2 moon shadows were visible as dark round small spots in band between North polar region and NEB. Did 3 sketches.

Object: 10 – Wild Duck Cluster… M11 / NGC6705
Date Observed: 7-4-04 (12:25 AM)
Comments: Used 2” 19mm Konig for 107x and about 0.6 degree FOV
Open cluster at tail of Aquila. Seemed very large in FOV. There were several bright stars below the cluster and a large “swarm” of individually resolved stars forming the cluster. The swarm was longer left to right than up and down. I did not discern the “v” shaped pattern some have seen that suggests ducks in flight. Did sketch.

Object: 11 – Bodes Galaxy… M81 / NGC3031 & Cigar Galaxy… M82 / NGC 3034
Date Observed: 4-7-04 (and again on 6-15-04)
Comments: 2 galaxies in UMA. M81 appears very small, compact, but reasonably bright circular glowing fuzzy patch, while M82 is a much longer, but very thin stick of fuzzy light, that is dimmer that M81. With 40mm 1 ¼” Plossl could barely fit both in same eyepiece. Did sketch. Sketched again on 6-15-04 using new 2” Astrola 32 mm EP, and it was easier to get them both in the wider FOV. I could not detect any dark lanes crossing M82 on either occasion.

Object: 12 – Swan Nebula… M17 / NGC6618
Date Observed: 7-5-04 (2:05 AM)
Comments: Used 2” Astrola 32mm for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV w/ OIII filter
About 20 bright stars were strung out across most of the FOV. Only a hint of the nebula itself was visible w/o the OIII filter. With the OIII filter the nebula appears as 2 fuzzy grey sticks of light intersecting at an angle that suggests a check mark. Did sketch but it was awkward as w/o filter could see background stars but not nebula, and with filter could see nebula but not background stars!

Object: 13 – Albiero-Double… Double List
Date Observed: 7-15-04 (10:00 PM, sunset 8:56 PM)
Comments: Used Astrola 2” 32 mm for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV.
We are at “darker sky” in Lacenter WA. 1st view of Albireo wih Nexstar 8i, since getting scope on 11-20-03. Spectacular! Rich star background as backdrop. Brighter yellow primary with blue secondary. Color difference is very marked.

Object: 14 – Perseus Double Cluster… NGC869 & NGC884
Date Observed: 7-15-04 (10-12 PM, Sunset 8:56 PM)
Comments: Used 2” Astrola 32 mm for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV.
At LaCenter darker sky site, richness and brightness of stars in background is mind boggling. Both clusters are easily within 1 degree FOV with center of each cluster about 2/3 FOV away from each other. Did not do sketch as it could have taken all night.

Object: 15 – Whirlpool Galaxy… M51 / NGC5194
Date Observed: 4-25-04
Comments: 1 ¼ 32mm Plossl for 63.5x and about ¾ of a degree FOV.
Observed from “darker sky” site in Lacenter WA. Both “lobes” of M-51 were clearly observed. Seemed unexpectedly bright. Each one however was fuzzy and diffuse and no structure could be discerned. It occupied about ¼ of the FOV using the 32 mm Plossl, and almost ½ the FOV when switched to the 12.3mm Epic ED2 (165x). Several weeks later observed it again from my usual light polluted home site and although the 2 lobes were noticeable (barely), it seemed small compared to extent I remember seeing from LaCenter. Guess I should get out more.

Object: 16 – Lagoon Nebula… M8 / NGC6523
Date Observed: 7-11-04 (11:00-11:30 PM PDT)
Comments: Used 2” Astrola 32mm for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV.
1st observed w/o OIII filter. Quite a spectacular object. Just inched above rooftop about 11 PM. There is a roughly oval grouping of stars surrounded on 3 sides by brighter stars forming an irregular border around the oval swarm. There are about 25 brighter stars in the oval swarm. There are also several brighter stars near edge of FOV to frame the scene. To the left side of the swarm in the FOV are 2 bright stars in a vertical line. The only nebulosity seen w/o the filter is a small patch just below the bottom of those 2 stars.
With the OIII filter placed on a 1 ¼ inch 32 mm Plossl, the small patch of nebulosity below the 2 stars on the side of the swarm, expands to engulf the 2 stars and the surrounding region. The oval swarm is then seen to be surrounded by its own nebula, although dimmer than that around the 2 stars to the side of the swarm, and this nebula is separated from that around the 2 vertical stars on the swarm’s side. There is noted an even dimmer 3rd area of nebulosity above the swarm, but this is harder to see. Did sketch.

Object: 17 – Beehive Cluster… M44 / NGC2632
Date Observed: 5-21-04 (10:10-15 PM)
Comments: Orion 50mm 2” ep for 41x and about 1 degree calc FOV.
Very nice view of M-44 using old Orion 50mm 2” ep. Did sketch. (Usually use ST80 to view Beehive, but used Nexstar 8i tonight to test wider field using 50 mm ep). Wow! Really makes me glad I sprung for 2” system. Most of brighter stars of Beehive are w/i FOV. Again noted the strange “doubling” effect of stars w/i Beehive where some brighter stars seem to pair up with other stars.

Object: 18 – Western Veil Nebula… NGC6960 & Eastern Veil Nebula… NGC6992
Date Observed: 7-23-04, 8-19-04
Comments: At star party at Eagle creek 20 N of Portland. Used 1 1/4 “ 32mm Plossl for 63.5x, and about ¾ degree FOV, with OIII filter. Used Veil Nebula entry in “Named Objects”. Using OIII filter saw delicate nebular curtain, without much in way of details. Moved FOV upward and nebula disappeared after 2 FOV’s up. Seemed to disappear immediately just below original FOV the scope took me too. Forgot to use NGC numbers so as to get both E and W nebula. This was therefore only a partial observation. 8-19-04 at Mount St. Helen Lava Canyon site. Western veil (NGC 6960) seen in O111 filter as thin twisted line. Eastern Veil (NGC 6992) was a curved loop

Object: 19 – Substitute… Globular in Aquarius - M2
Date Observed: 8-7-04 (10:20 PM)
Comments: Used 2” 32mm for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV.
Small compact but bright globular cluster in Aquarius. This globular was bright but seemed smaller than its reported size of 13’. It was compact, and could not be seen through. There did not seem to be much in the way of individually resolvable stars surrounding it. Background stars were dim. Did sketch.

Object: 20 – Globular in Sagittarius… M22 / NGC6656
Date Observed: 7-4-04 (12:45 AM)
Comments: Used Russell optics 2” 19mm Konig for 107x and 0.6 degree field.
Oval “swarm” of stars. 2 bright stars at bottom of swarm. 3 above and 2 left in this FOV. Other stars in backqround trail off to bottom forming backward question mark with swarm inside. Stars in swarm are individually resolved making this look more like an open cluster than a globular!

Object: 21 – Butterfly Cluster… M6 / NGC6405
Date Observed: 7-4-04 (AM)
Comments: Used 2” 32mm Astrola for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV
Striking large open cluster containing about 35 brighter stars, and looking bigger than its reported 15’ size. Using imagination I could see where 2 butterfly wings were and head. No nebulosity noted even using OIII filter.

Object: 22 – Double Double – Epsilon Lyra 1 & 2… Double List
Date Observed: 7-16-04 (10:20- PM)
Comments: “Garage Site” ( Eastern view off Condo Garage with garage lights as additional light pollution sources) Used several eyepieces to split 1 and 2. 1 and 2 appear to be same white-yellow color, about the same magnitude and are widely separated. Tried to split 1 and 2. Neither was split at 63.5x, 107x or even 165x. Got impatient and used 5mm for 400+ power and both 1 and 2 split, although star images were not distinct and it was on threshold of perception. However the line between 1a and 1b was perpendicular to line between 2a and 2b, so I think they were in fact split.

Object: 23 – Substitute – Globular in Canes Venatici - M3
Date Observed: 8-8-04 (between 10:30-11:00 PM)
Comments: Comments: Used 2” 32mm Astrola for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV, also 2”19mm for 107x and 12.3mm for 165x.
Nice bright globular in Canes Venatici. Prominent background stars take form of isosceles triangle with M3 just inside line formed by one of longer sides. Center of M3 is compact and can not be seen through. There are some individually resolved stars around the core but they are very close to the core and do not extend out very far. More such resolvable stars just outside core become apparent at higher power (165x).

Object: 24 – Blue Snowball Planetary Nebula… NGC7662
Date Observed: 7-16-04
Comments: Used 2” Astrola 32mm (63.5x) and 12.3 mm Orion epic ED2 (165x) both with and without Lumicon OIII filter, and Orion Skyglow filter. At “garage” site. Planetary is very small, not much larger than star. However there is a distinct bluish tint to it. No details were seen except at 165x with OIII there was a hint at edge of perception of dark area within planetary. It was so small even at 165x that I am not confident in that observation however. Position of this 8th mag planetary is above light from another garage and had to shield my eyes with both hands to see anything. Surprised I saw much at all. Hooray for filters!

Object: 25 – Spiral Galaxy… M66 / NGC3627
Date Observed: 4-21-04
Comments: 32 mm 1 ¼” Plossl for 63.5x and about ¾ degree calc. FOV
Moon is one day old so skies reasonably dark. M66/65 are not easy from my usual light polluted home site. Both M66 and M65 are visible tonight, but both are dim. M66 seems slightly brighter than M65. Both are just dim fuzzy patches but w/i same FOV, and about 2/3 FOV apart. M66 is near 3 brighter stars that form a triangle while M65 is more alone. I did also sight NGC 3521 nearby but it was so dim I did not sketch it. Did sketch of M65 & 66 showing in same FOV.

Object: 26 – Coathanger – CR399… Asterism List
Date Observed: 7-15-04 (10-12 PM, sunset 8:56 PM)
Comments: Used 2” 32mm Astrola for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV.
At LaCenter WA darker sky site. Stars of coat hanger are very bright. Line and “hook” of hanger are obvious. Needed to use finder to see whole thing. Most of it was within FOV but not all. Computer gives 70 arcminutes as size so not surprising a fraction is outside 1 degree FOV.

Object: 27 – Galaxy in Leo… M65 / NGC3623
Date Observed: 4-21-04
Comments: 32 mm 1 ¼” Plossl for 63.5x and about ¾ degree calc. FOV
Moon is one day old so skies reasonably dark. M66/65 are not easy from my usual light polluted home site. Both M66 and M65 are visible tonight, but both are dim. M66 seems slightly brighter than M65. Both are just dim fuzzy patches but w/i same FOV, and about 2/3 FOV apart. M66 is near 3 brighter stars that form a triangle while M65 is more alone. I did also sight NGC 3521 nearby but it was so dim I did not sketch it. Did sketch of M65 & 66 showing in same FOV.

Object: 28 – Ptolemy’s Cluster… M7 / NGC6475
Date Observed: 7-15-04 (10-12 PM, sunset 8:56 PM)
Comments: Used 2” 32mm Astrola for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV
At darker sky site in LaCenter WA. Low on horizon but still clearly visible. Counted about 30 brighter stars occupying about ½ of 1 degree FOV, except for 2 bright stars at FOV edge. Brighter stars are in a pattern that suggests a prancing pony (My observing buddy noted this and after he mentioned this, it was all I could see) M-7 would have been difficult to see from my home site due to trees and house obstructions. Did a rough sketch.

Object: 29 – Bernice’s Hair Clip… NGC4565
Date Observed:
Comments: (should have been in FOV but could not see)

Object: 30 – Globular in Pegasus… M15 / NGC7078
Date Observed: 7-16-04 (10:45)
Comments: Used Russell 2” 19mm for 107x. “Garage” site. Bright globular. Core of globular is not resolved but there are individually resolved stars on 3 sides of the globular. Side facing 2 bright stars at edge of FOV does not have resolved stars.

Object: 31 – Owl Cluster… NGC457 (AKA “ET” Cluster)
Date Observed: 2-12-04 (10:35- PM)
Comments: 1 ¼ 32mm Plossl for 63.5x and ¾ degree FOV.
Did sketch. Occupies about 1/3 FOV at 63.5x. 2 bright stars close together are the two large eyes. Really does look like ET. Sorry, can not visualize a complete owl. Below 2 eyes is “v” shape of stars which flare out to sides of “eyes” to become ET’s arms, and then flare out in upside down “v” to form his legs. To get the arms to form wings of an owl you need to use very faint stars out from arms to form the wings. That is why it looks more like ET. (I’ll bet this cluster gets more mileage now that some are calling it the ET cluster! Ask someone at a star party if they want to see the “Owl Cluster” and the response is “Uh…oh…ok”. Ask them if the want to see the “E.T.” Cluster and they say “WOW! Sure! You Bet!”)

Object: 32 – Milky Way
Date Observed: 7-23-04
Comments: Used naked eye as my eyepiece, at Eagle Creek 20 mi N of Portland
Well, dang! This object isn’t in the N8i’s catalog. How am I supposed to find it? J Visible to my eyes as a milky glow along the constellation Cygnus. I could only detect it around Cygnus, and not anywhere else but other people were saying the Milky Way was clearly visible running from the North through Cygnus and down to the South. My bad eyes again—(which is why I got the N8i to begin with. I hope this observation counts even though I did not use the telescope to see it. I was however standing next to my N8i scope when I saw it, so that should make it Kosher. J )

Object: 33 – Trapezium in Orion… Center of M42
Date Observed: 3-16-04 (7:25-45 PM, sunset 6:20PM)
Comments: 20mm Plossl w/ 2x Barlow for 202X.
4 basic stars of the trapezium are clear and distinct. 3 brighter stars form triangle while 4th star is much dimmer and closer to bright star than are other 2 brighter ones. Only saw the 4 and not any additional ones.

Object: 34 – Open Cluster in Puppis… M46 / NGC2437
Date Observed: 2-19-04 (did not record time)
Comments: 32mm Plossl for 63.5x & ¾ calc. degree.
Open cluster, 1 of 4 cluster sketched tonight. Seemed to be much fainter than M47 which was previously sketched and observed before going to M46. However M46 seemed much richer with many faint stars on threshold of being resolved, giving milkier appearance to M46. M46 pretty much occupied FOV of 32mm Plossl, unlike M47 which only occupied about ½ FOV.

Object: 35 – Double Triangle (Star Gate)… Asterism List
Date Observed: 6-16-04
Comments: 2” 19mm Russell Konig
A brighter triangle of stars with a dimmer triangle of stars inside outer brighter triangle are observed. In outer triangle it is the bottom two stars that are noticeably brighter than the 3rd. With the inner “triangle” 2 stars are bright and the 3rd star that forms the inner triangle is quite dim in comparison. At 1st glance I did not notice the 3rd star of the inner triangle! OK there are 2 rough triangles here, but on the whole it seems to me to be a rather pedestrian asterism. If it were not for the movie it would not make my top 50 list. In fact it does not make my best 50, even with the movie. (Purely personal opinion J)

Object: 36 – 24 Com Double… Double List
Date Observed: 6-15-04
Comments: Doubles are dull to me. Usually only look at them while waiting for it to get darker or to test goto. Observed 24 com and several others this night while waiting for more interesting things to appear! Easily split. Did not record power, but probably used my now usual 2” Astrola 32 mm with about 0.9 degree calculated FOV. Primary is yellow-white and secondary appears sort of blue-white. Difference in color was noticeable to me. Did not fuss with position angle, as too lazy to determine North.

Object: 37 – Open Cluster in Sagittarius… M25 / IC4725
Date Observed: 7-5-04 (10-12 PM, Sunset 8:56 PM)
Comments: Used 2” 32mm Astrola for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV.
At darker sky site in LaCenter WA. Very large very bright open cluster. Counted about 40 brighter stars. Cluster runs from top to bottom of 1 degree FOV but through central 1/2 of FOV.

Object: 38 – Open Cluster in Gemini… M35 / NGC2168
Date Observed: 12-18-03 (2:30 AM- )
Comments: 32 mm Plossl for 63.5x. Calculated AFOV about ¾ degree.
Goto bull’s-eye. Very rich. Skies very dark at this hour. It pretty much fills the whole FOV. Richer on L side than right. Counted 75 brighter stars. Too rich to sketch!

Object: 39 – Open Cluster in Cepheus… NGC7510
Date Observed: 7-5-04 (10-12 PM, Sunset 8:56 PM)
Comments: Used 2” 32mm Astrola for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV
At darker sky site in LaCenter WA. Wow! (I would likely never have looked at this but for fact it is in the “50” list.) Very rich open star field as background. At center of FOV, is a small “V” shaped asterism of dimmer stars which at 1st glance look milky, likely due to closeness of stars. Brightest star in “V” is at the apex with 3 stars on one side of “V” and 2 on the other.

Object: 40 – Globular Cluster in Hercules… M92 / NGC6341
Date Observed: 6-17-04
Comments: Astrola 2” 32mm for 63.5x w/ calc. FOV of 0.9 degrees.
Spend most of time in this neck of the woods on its big brother M-13. M-92 appears to me to be a miniature version of M-13, say about ½ its diameter, maybe less. Like M-13 there are individual stars that can be resolved. Did sketch. Note 3 stars in a line to one side of M-92. Put closest of these stars in center and M-92 is at 10:00 but very close. (Diagonal in upright position)

Object: 41 – Substitute – Globular in Serpens - M5
Date Observed: 8-8-04 (about 11:00 PM)
Comments: Used 2” 32mm Astrola for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV
With M5 there are no brighter background stars. There is a star just to the side of M5, and another about 3 diameters away. Part of cluster, or just background? They look much brighter than resolved stars around cluster. M5 looks to me as bigger than M3 although there reported sizes are near the same (16’ and 17’). M5 has more resolved individual stars around the core than M3 and, because of this and the background stars noted above, is a more pleasing object to me than M3.

Object: 42 – Galaxy in Andromeda… NGC891
Date Observed: 8-19-04 (10:05 PM)
Comments: Dark sky site, Mount St. Helen, Lava Canyon—32mm 2” Astrola for 1 degree FOV and 63.5x. Looked like a faint fuzzy in the N8i, even though this is a pretty dark sky site. This galaxy is longer than it is wide and seemed to me to be a thin long rectangle. There are 2 bright stars on R side of FOV with galaxy to their left.

Object: 43 – Open Cluster in Ophiuchus… NGC6633
Date Observed: 7-5-04 (AM)
Comments: Used Orion 2” 50mm for 41x and about 1.1 degree FOV.
Never heard of this one before. Might not have looked at it but for inclusion w/I Nexstar 50 list. Very nie and large open cluster. I counted about 50 stars spread out across 2/3 of the FOV, giving impression to me that it was larger that its reported 27’size. Because of its size the cluster seems a little on the sparse size compared with richer clusters.

Object: 44 – Galaxy in Coma Berenices… M100 / NGC4321
Date Observed:
Comments: Looked for but too dim to see so far

Object: 45 – Substitute - Sun
Date Observed: 8-10-04 (2:00-2:20 PM)
Comments: Used 8” Celestron Mylar filter #94162, and 2” 32 mm for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV
Diagonal in upright position. There is a really large and complex group today stretching horizontally between 4 and 6 O’clock about ½ down solar radius toward limb at bottom of solar disk in this view. Counted about 25 spots in the group. I wonder if this is the same group as a few weeks ago and went clear around the Sun and is now back in view big as ever? A single spot with pernumbra is at 3:00 about 1/3 radius out. A 3rd group with 2 spots is near limb at 2:00. Calculate a Wolfe # of 58 for today.

Object: 46 – Trifid Nebula… M20 / NGC6514
Date Observed: 7-12-04 (11:00-11:30 PM)
Comments: Used 2” Astrola 32 mm for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV.
A bit disappointing. Bright, large but sparse open cluster with about 15-20 brighter stars scattered throughout FOV but more to top and left of field. No nebulosity noted w/o filter. With OIII filter still did not detect nebula. Perhaps due to low position in south, skyglow from Portland lights and being just over roofs of other Condos. Addendum: 7-23-04 at a star party finally saw nebulosity! It was faint but there. Nebula was not defined or bright enough to comment on shape, but it was there. (I am not sure why this one should prove so illusive to an 8” SCT, but perhaps it is my bad eyes)

Object: 47 – Betelguese… Named Star
Date Observed: 8-8-04 (4:38 AM)
Comments: Used 2” 32mm Astrola for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV
Never wrote any comments on this star although seen often. Had to get up early to “record” it properly! It was low on the horizon and about 80 minutes to sunrise. Since low on horizon it was putting on a show. Very bright star flashing many colors. Predominately it seemed more yellowish than red but with flashes of red. Color determination difficult due to low horizon, but I did not want to wait for Winter to complete this list!

Object: 48 - Globular in Sagittarius... M55 / NGC6809
Date Observed: 7-23-04 (11:55 PM)
Comments: At star party at darker sky site, Eagle Creek Or. (20 mi E. of Portland)
Used 2” Astrola 32mm for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV.
Previous attempts at this object failed because too low on horizon. This time it was visible for a few minutes between fir trees. Very poor view because of its position. Definite milky glow with some stars individually resolved. Seemed oval or oblong in shape, but quick view prevented careful study. It seemed to occupy about 1/10 of the FOV. It was not very bright. This is a globular, but I would have taken it for an open cluster if I did not know better. In fact take M-11, dim it way down, put it only a few degrees above the horizon, and it would give me the same impression when viewed momentarily.

Object: 49 – Open Cluster in Auriga… M36 / NGC1960
Date Observed: 12-18-03 (after 2:30 AM)
Comments: 32mm Plossl for 63.5x and ¾ degree calc. AFOV.
Goto accurate. Nice open cluster. Not as rich as M35. I count about 25-30 brighter stars. M36 fills about 2/5 of the FOV.

Object: 50 – Eagle Nebula & Cluster… M16 / NGC6611
Date Observed: 7-4-04 (AM)
Comments: Used 2” Astrola 32mm for 63.5x and 1 degree FOV, w/ OIII filter.
About 25 brighter stars running up and down left half of FOV and occupying about 2/3 FOV from top to bottom. No nebulosity noted w/o the filter. With OIII filter---still could not see any nebulosity! Hmmm…struck out as to seeing nebulosity on this one. Moon may have been reason. Try again later. Did sketch of star field. (Tried again with OIII filter at Lacenter session and did see nebulosity, but it was faint even at LaCenter)