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Additional Catalogs for Import to User Supplied Objects

These catalogs of objects are in CSV format.  This allows you to import them into NSOL's User Supplied Objects in order to expand the database.

Download and unzip into the data folder for NSOL - generally C:\Program Files\NSObserverList\Data or the location you specified in Setup on the Tools menu.  Then follow the instructions in the manual to import to the User Supplied Objects.

The Non-Stellar Objects from the Ultima 2000
A list of more than 600 great deep sky objects found in the hand control database of the Celestron Ultima 2000 telescope.  List contributed in electronic form by Ted Kurkowski.

The Hickson Compact Galaxy Groups
A list of 100 compact galaxy groups compiled by Paul Hickson.  Most can be seen visually in 11" and larger scopes at a dark site, all are excellent targets for astrophotography with a CCD or film.  List contributed in electronic form by Bob Berta.


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