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The NexStar Observer List Database
Version 2.6

NexStar Observer List database includes 47,844 objects:

  • The entire Messier catalog (110 objects)

  •  The entire Caldwell catalog (109 objects)

  • The entire NGC catalog (7,840 objects)

  • The entire IC catalog (5,386 objects)

  • The entire Abell galaxy cluster catalog (4,076 objects)

  • All 15 magnitude or brighter galaxies from the UGC catalog (6,009 objects)

  • 12,677 stars organized by SAO number and including HD numbers and common names

  • 11,637 double stars from the Saguaro Astronomy Club ( database including supplemental names for Struve catalog stars contributed by Thomas Kovacs.

  • And you can add as many additional objects as you wish by manual entry or by importing from a CSV (comma separated text file).


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