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  1. The NexStar50 is a list of the 50 favorite astro objects selected by NexStar Group members in 2001.  In similar form, the NexStar50 Lunar list is 50 of the best features to be found on our Moon.  The lists can be found at the NexStar 50 List and NexStar 50 Lunar List links above.
  2. Two Levels of Observing Award are available:
    • NexStar50 Club Level - attained by observing 40 of the 50 objects.
    • NexStar50 Expert Level - attained by observing all 50 of the objects.
  3. All objects must be observed with a Celestron NexStar, CPC, LCM, CGE, CGE Pro, CGEM or AS-GT telescope. This includes any future Celestron models with NexStar hand controls. More than one NexStar telescope may be used to complete the challenge, and alternate optical tubes are acceptable.
  4. The objects must be observed within a 24 month period for the Club Level.  For those attaining the Expert Level an additional 12 months for those objects is allowed.
  5. Observations must be on or after the official start date of the Club - 18 October 2001 for the NexStar 50 List, 23 December 2001 for the NexStar 50 Lunar List.
  6. All those who attain the award will receive a certificate and their names will be posted on the website at the NexStar 50 Club Members and NexStar 50 Lunar Club Members links above.
  7. To allow other NexStar owners to learn from your observing experience, an observing log should be maintained and submitted along with your request for the award. Your log will be posted along with your name in the club members lists above.  Right-click here to save the NexStar 50 observing log format to disk. Right-click here to save the NexStar 50 Lunar observing log to disk.  (Instructions regarding where to submit the log are included in the logs.)
  8. If you are latitude or aperture challenged, contact the NexStar Club administrators for substitute viewing objects (not applicable to the Lunar club) by sending email to

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