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Mounting Various Optical Tubes on the Advanced Series Mount

The dovetail bracket on the Celestron Advanced Series mount is the same dimensions as the previous versions of the CG-5.  This bracket is the same for the CG-5, LXD-55, Vixen GPs, etc.  What is needed then is a dovetail plate to fit this bracket.  The Celestron specific part number is 60845.  That part is available at many of the astronomy dealers listed on the Links page.  Other plates will work as well.  For example ScopeStuff offers this plate -  Stellarvue offers plates pre-drilled for their own tube rings -

In addition to the dovetail plate, you will need a way to attach your optical tube to the plate.  Some optical tubes have a threaded block on the optical tube and this can be directly attached to the dovetail plate.  For most optical tubes you will need tube rings.  The manufacturer of the optical tube often makes tube rings for their scopes.  Many astronomy dealers sell generic tube rings as well.

It might be useful for some to know that this dovetail is also compatible with the bracket and plate found in the Baader Bracket used to mount different optical tubes on the NexStar GT mount.

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