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The Camera Port on the NexStar 4/5SE

The camera port found on the NexStar 4/5SE telescopes allows the telescope to slew through a list of objects, taking timed exposures of each object.  The connection is a simple electronic on/off switch that works with many digital SLR cameras

The pins in the camera port on the base of the telescope are numbered 1 through 6 going left to right as shown below. The function of each pin is also shown. 

Port Pins



Not connected


Not connected


Not connected


Shutter Cable LO


Shutter Cable HI


Not connected

As indicated, only pins 4 and 5 are connected to the camera's electronic shutter cable.  The camera port is capable of handling a maximum of 35 volts when the negative lead is connected to LO and the positive lead is connected to HI.  If the leads are reversed, the port is limited to just 6 volts.

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