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Use a Handheld GPS Receiver with Your Celestron
CGE, CGE Pro, CGEM, AS-GT, LCM, SLT or "i" Series Telescope

Several models of computerized telescopes from Celestron are "GPS-ready".  By connecting an optional GPS receiver the user is alleviated from the chore of determining and entering the date, time, longitude and latitude.  Additionally, GPS time is highly accurate, especially useful if you use the hibernate feature on your scope.  But, the only GPS receiver compatible with Celestron scopes is Celestron's own CN-16 module.  Unfortunately it is rather expensive ($200 USD), and can only be used with a Celestron scope - it is not useful when hiking or for other activities.

All that just changed.  Earthshine Technologies ( started shipping their StarDate GPS Adapter in August 2005.  This adapter connects almost any NMEA-standard GPS receiver to the AUX port on many Celestron mounts.  The CGE, CGE Pro, CGEM, SLT and "i" series telescopes include an AUX port standard while Celestron's Auxiliary Port Accessory Kit (part number 93965) is required for the LCM and AS-GT series. 

The StarDate GPS Adapter sells for $80.  Full-function handheld GPS receivers can be had for under $100 (be sure it has an RS-232 option and the cable to connect to a PC).  Thus the cost can be less than the CN-16, even if you need to purchase a GPS receiver.  As a plus, you will then have a GPS receiver that can be used for other activities such as hiking and boating.

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Full details, including the user's manual, are available at Earthshine's web site.

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