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Manual Addendum for Upgraded GPS Hand Control

The original NexStar GPS telescopes were provided with hand control version 1.2.  Shortly after the GPS release, Celestron released an updated hand control, version 1.6.  (If you have version 1.2, contact Celestron for an upgrade.)  Then when the "i" series NexStars were released, Celestron released hand control version 2.2.  Versions 1.6 and 2.2 work with all GPS models, version 2.2 is required for the "i" series.  If you have an older manual and you get hand control 1.6 or 2.2, you may need the addendums for these new versions.  Celestron previously had them on their web site, but lately they don't seem to be available.  Here they are in PDF format (visit to download Adobe Acrobat reader to open them):

Version 1.6 GPS Manual Addendum

Version 2.2 GPS Manual Addendum

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