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Large Replacement Bolts for Your NexStar GPS

The three bolts provided to mount your scope to the tripod work fine in the Alt-Az mode, but when using your NexStar GPS on a wedge for astrophotography, it is necessary to tighten them more than can be accomplished by hand and undoing them can be nearly impossible.
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Bob Morrow (of Bob's Knobs fame) offers these replacement bolts for $29 including shipping.  Visit his web site at

ScopeStuff offers these bolts made from stainless steel, Delrin (super-tough plastic) and aluminum for $25 including shipping in the US.  Visit their web site - - and look in the section entitled "Threaded Things".
One additional option was suggested by Wally Lucas - make a trip to the hardware store and look for a "T" handle hex wrench that fits the original bolts.  He found a wrench with a bright red handle that is easy to find should you drop it at night.

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