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Determining the Version on Older NexStar GPS Scopes

I put off adding this for a long time, even though the information comes straight from Celestron, because it is possible to render your scope non-functional if you make a mistake.  If you follow the directions carefully, you will not have a problem - if you do, you will have to contact Celestron to get things fixed.  Use appropriate caution!  NOTE: on newer GPS scopes, there is a Version option on the Utility menu and from this you can conclude you DO NOT have hand control version 1.2. Also, note that on newer GPS scopes, the Version command on the Utilities menu reports both the hand control and the motor control versions - refer to the manual for more details. If you have hand control version 1.2 or motor control version 1 or 2, you should contact Celestron Support viw their web site ( or your dealer for details on upgrading to a new version. 

  1. Power telescope ON.
  2. While the scope is prompting for you to press Enter to get started, press the "6" button.
  3. Press the "7" button.
  4. The upper line of hand control text will display "seconds xxxx". You are now in the "Factory Debug Menu".
  5. WARNING: Do not enter any parameters other than what is specified below! Any data entry other than those specified below could seriously alter the telescope factory settings, alignment database and star catalogs.
  6. Press the "0" button. The top line of text will display the current hand control firmware (software) version number. The bottom line will display three zeroes, with a cursor at the first zero (newer versions of the hand control will display the required 016 by default).
  7. Enter "016" and press "ENTER".
  8. The bottom line of text will display the current motor control firmware version number.
  9. Power telescope OFF.

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