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FOV Moves Up/Down When Slewing Left/Right

A tip from our buddy Hank Williams!

If you find that the objects in the field of view (FOV) on your N60/76/80/102/114/130 move up (it seems to hop) when you start slewing left or right, the most likely cause is the adjustment of the azimuth axis.  If you look at the bottom of the mount (remove the mount from the tripod) you will see a large nut that can be accessed if you remove the bar held by the two screws.  Tighten this nut 1/4 turn and test the results.  If that doesn't do it, try another 1/4 turn.  If that still doesn't do it, you should test if the scope moves left/right by hand by trying to move the fork arm.   If it moves easily you can continue tightening the nut by 1/4 turn until moving the scope by hand requires moderate force or until the "hop" is gone.  If you adjust this too tight, the result will be added wear on the motor/gears and poor battery performance.  In extreme cases the scope won't even move left/right when set to lower rates.

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