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Avoiding Hand Control Lockup

This tip only applies to GT scopes with the "original" hand control.  NexStar GT scopes purchased since January 2002 do NOT generally have the "original" GT hand control.

The computerized hand control on NexStar telescopes can be a little temperamental at times particularly the original GT control on the NexStar 60/80/114/4.  Occasionally it will not respond to the buttons, particularly right after finishing a slew.  I generally find that patience will prevent this.  After a slew, it sometimes takes as long as 20-30 seconds before my hand control is ready to go again.  Try not to get in a hurry and you will find things go smoothly.  When the hand control is still unresponsive after a short wait, try pressing the direction buttons (the arrows), this usually wakes up the control.  Others have also had success by pressing the left and right direction buttons simultaneously.

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