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Codes for Setting the Model of Scope

This tip only applies to GT scopes with the "original" hand control.  NexStar GT scopes purchased since January 2002 do NOT generally have the "original" GT hand control.

Your scope should have been shipped with the correct model selected, but it is possible that it was not or at least if you receive a replacement control for any reason, you might need to reset the model.  Some of the original GT scopes (60/80/114 in particular) were shipped without correct instructions on the Model Select feature on the GT hand control.  If you have the original GT hand control (easy to spot by the lack of a two-star alignment option), this tip applies to you.  If you have the new GT hand control, select the model as the manual states. 

To set the model for the original GT hand control, access the menu, scroll up to Model Select, choose Custom and enter the following numbers for both "AZM" and "ALT":

  • NexStar 60 and 80: 0726559
  • NexStar 114 and 4: 1059334

If the model is not set correctly, the scope will generally not be very close to the alignment stars, nor will later gotos be accurate.  In fact, if you get the scope to say it was aligned successfully, it might miss objects by many degrees during goto - even when you attempt to goto one of the alignment stars!

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