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Third Star Align Feature

This tip only applies to GT scopes with the "original" hand control.  NexStar GT scopes purchased since January 2002 do NOT generally have the "original" GT hand control.

The Third Star Align feature on the original GT NexStars is reported to be nonfunctional, but actually it does work.  The problem is that the instructions in the manual are incorrect or at least difficult to follow for the original GT hand control.  The feature allows you to replace one of your two current alignment stars with any of the 40 alignment stars in the Named Stars list.  This can help to improve accuracy in the area of the new alignment star. 

Here is the correct procedure for the original GT hand control:

  • Press the LIST key, select Named Stars, then scroll to your desired star and press the ENTER key to slew to that star.
  • Center the star in the eyepiece using the direction keys.
  • Press the UP key (the 6 key) then the DOWN key (the 9 key) to reselect the star in the Named Stars list.
  • Press the ALIGN key.
  • You will be prompted to choose the original alignment star to be replaced, use the UP or DOWN key (6 and 9 again) to select the star you wish to replace.
  • Press the ENTER key.

Sounds tough, but after you do it a few times it will be second nature.

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