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Simulating a Two-Star Alignment

This tip only applies to GT scopes with the "original" hand control.  NexStar GT scopes purchased since January 2002 do NOT generally have the "original" GT hand control.

The NexStar 60/80/114/4 with the original GT hand control does not offer the option of a two-star alignment procedure.  The two-star alignment feature on the bigger NexStars and the new GT control allows you to choose the alignment stars yourself rather than having the auto-align do it for you.  If you have read the NexStar Alignment Guide you are aware of the advantages of choosing your own stars.

Hank Williams offered the following suggestion on the Yahoo NexStar Group.   Perform the auto-align, simply accepting the location of the two stars without bothering to center.  Then after the alignment is complete, use the third star align feature to replace the two auto-align stars with two of your own choosing.  Naturally you would be careful to center the stars during the third star align replacement procedure and be certain to replace both of the original auto-align stars.

Thanks Hank!

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