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Potential Fix for Stalling Motors on 4/5SE, SLT, GT, StarSeeker and Tasco StarGuide

These models all use similar motors.  On some scopes (early GT and StarGuide), the motor has been known to stall - a gentle push on the front of the scope often gets it moving again.  Most likely this is caused by a bit of corrosion on the conductive brushes that feed electricity to the moving part of the motor.  One potential solution is to run the scope continually in one direction and then the next at rate 9.  This may clear off the corrosion and return the scope to trouble-free use. 

If this doesn't work, you will likely need a replacement motor.  Celestron will generally sell them for a reasonable price, though at some point the parts for the discontinued models may no longer be available.  At that point, you may be able to find a used mount to cannibalize.  One other option would be to disassemble the motor and clean the brushes, but beware - lots of small parts and springs await you.

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