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The NexStar User's Guide, First Edition
Contents and Excerpts

Chapter 1 - Introduction familiarizes the reader with the world of computerized consumer telescopes and provides a history of the NexStar line.  Excerpt

Chapter 2 - Astronomy Basics is an introduction to the world of amateur astronomy.  Concepts presented here will provide the background knowledge required to become more than just a "button pusher".

Chapter 3 - Overview of the NexStar Line provides information on each NexStar model to assist you in choosing the NexStar that best suits your needs.  Excerpt

Chapter 4 - Alignment details the various star alignment procedures insuring your scope delivers accurate GoTo performance.  If you are having problems getting your NexStar to point accurately, this chapter will have it whipped into shape in no time.

Chapter 5 - Basic Operation is a detailed presentation of the operation of a NexStar telescope.  If the manual provided with the telescope leaves you wondering, this is the place to start.  Excerpt

Chapter 6 - Expanding Your Horizons - Choosing Objects to View is written for the new amateur astronomer.  After the Moon, planets, and built-in Tour, how do you decide what to view?  Excerpt

Chapter 7 - Using the Software Included with the Little NexStars - TheSky and NexStar Observer List is your guide to using the PC software that comes with the little NexStars.  Various other models of NexStars have included TheSky on occasion as well.

Chapter 8 - Accessories for Your NexStar provides recommendations on tripods, eyepieces, power sources and more.  Several accessories and modifications are projects you can do at home for little cost.  Excerpt

Chapter 9 - Collimation - Optical Alignment provides the details you need to properly align your telescope's optics to insure the best possible optical performance.

Chapter 10 - Controlling Your NexStar with a PC or Palmtop Computer - All NexStar telescopes are capable of interfacing with a computer to allow advanced control via specialized astronomy software.  Excerpt

Chapter 11 - Astrophotography with a NexStar - An introduction to astrophotography with NexStar telescopes, from the simplest methods that most anyone can afford and find successful, to an overview of the world of the serious astrophotographer.  Excerpt

Chapter 12 - Maintenance, Care and Cleaning - With a little care, you can keep your NexStar running like new for years to come.

Chapter 13 - Mounting Other Optical Tubes on a NexStar - With a little information and a few accessories it is easy to attach a different optical tube to most NexStar mounts.

Chapter 14 - Additional Tips and Solutions - If it isn't answered somewhere else in the book, it's probably here.  Excerpt

Appendix A - Internet Resources is a short guide to the wealth of information available on the Internet.

Appendix B - Objects in the NexStar Hand Control provides a rundown on the objects in the computerized hand control of the various models to include a complete compilation of the Named Object, Asterism, and other unique NexStar lists.

Appendix C - PC and Palmtop Software Compatible with NexStar Telescopes lists programs compatible with NexStar telescopes at the time of this writing.

Appendix D - Writing Programs to Control NexStar Telescopes is a specialized section for those interested in writing software to control a NexStar telescope with personal computers and palmtop devices.

Appendix E - Glossary - if you run across an unfamiliar term as you are reading, hopefully I have included it in the Glossary.

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