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Deep Sky Object Lists

I have extracted the following Deep Sky Object lists from either the source of the list or other  reliable sources and converted them to Microsoft Excel 97 and Adobe PDF format.  The Excel lists allow easy sorting by RA, Dec, magnitude, constellation, etc.  If you do not have Excel, but want to use the Excel files, try Google Sheets (search at or Open Office (  For the PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free at


All 110 official Messier objects, including the best estimate of the disputed and otherwise non-existent M102.


The 109 objects from Sky and Telescope's Caldwell list.


The entire NGC list, including Dreyer's descriptions.


The 1,165 NGC objects in the NexStar 60/76/80/102/114/4/130 GT hand control database, including Dreyer's descriptions.


The entire IC list, including Dreyer's descriptions.


The first 2712 Abell Galaxy Clusters - as found in the GPS, 'i' series, CGEM, CGE and CGE Pro hand controls.  Provides information on the number of galaxies in each cluster.


The Herschel 400 - 400 of the best objects from the NGC list as selected by the Astronomical League.  Includes Dreyer's descriptions.

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