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The NexStar User's Guide - Excerpt from Chapter 11

Digital Cameras

A much easier way to get your astrophotography feet wet is with a digital camera. While not well suited for fainter objects - even the best commercial digital cameras can capture images of only the brightest deep sky objects - wonderful images of the planets and the Moon are being created regularly with digital cameras. A great resource for information as well as getting your questions answered is the digital camera astrophotography discussion group on Yahoo:

Additional processing of images is generally accomplished on a personal computer (PC); Windows or Macintosh computers are commonly used. It is common to capture several images in rapid succession and then electronically "stack" them in the PC. The resulting image has improved detail with reduced noise. To take advantage of this technique, a remote control for the camera is a great accessory. Using the remote, you can easily snap multiple images without shaking the camera.

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