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Constellation Tour

Introduced with NexStar hand control version 4 (first included with the CPC) and available in all newer versions, Constellation Tour lets you explore the most spectacular objects in a given area of the sky.  This is an excellent way to learn or tour the night sky.


  • Press the LIST button and use  the UP/DOWN buttons (6/9 on the number pad)  to scroll to Constellations and press ENTER.  Note that only the constellations within your Filter Limit settings will be available.
  • Use the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll to the constellation of interest and press ENTER.
  • Use the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll to the catalog containing the objects you would like to view and press ENTER.   Refer to Appendix B in my book, The NexStar User's Guide, if you are unfamiliar with the available catalogs.
  • Use the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll through the list of objects.  You may also press the INFO button to see the full information on any of the objects.  Note that when you are in the info mode, pressing the UP/DOWN buttons scrolls through the available information (coordinates, magnitude, object type, etc.) for that object.  Press ENTER and the telescope will GoTo the selected object.
  • After viewing one object, use the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll and then press ENTER to GoTo the next object.

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