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Introduced with NexStar hand control version 4 (first included with the CPC) and available in all newer versions, Identify searches the hand control's database for objects nearby the current location the telescope is pointed towards.  Several objects will be listed from the one closest to the current coordinates, to the one furthest.


  • With the mystery object in the field of view, press the Menu button then use the UP/DOWN buttons (6/9 on the number pad)  to scroll to Identify and press ENTER.  Generally it is quickest to scroll UP.
  • Use the UP/DOWN buttons to select the catalog you wish to search.  Refer to Appendix B in my book, The NexStar User's Guide, if you are unfamiliar with the available catalogs.  Press ENTER to begin the search.
  • After a moment, you will be presented with the closest objects from the selected catalog.  Note that you can press the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll through the list.  You may also press the INFO button to see the full information on any of the objects.  Note that when you are in the info mode, pressing the UP/DOWN buttons scrolls through the available information (coordinates, magnitude, object type, etc.) for that object.

Additional details:

  • Search time is dependent upon the number of objects in the catalog.  The largest catalogs, the NGC, IC and Abell catalogs, can take quite a while to search.  It is best if you are looking for what appears to be a deep sky object to first search the Messier, Caldwell and Named Objects catalogs.

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