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Fastar No Longer Offered on NexStar 11 GPS and 11/14 Inch CGE Scopes

28 February 2004

After current stocks are depleted, Celestron will no longer be offering the Fastar secondary as standard fare on 11 and 14 inch SCTs. They will still be making 11 and 14 inch optical tubes with Fastar, but only for sale through Starizona (since they offer the only Fastar lens system for these scopes - HyperStar 11 and HyperStar 14). Thus, Starizona will have optical tubes, NexStar 11 GPS and 11/14 inch CGE models with Fastar.  Celestron will continue to sell GPS and CGE 8-inch models in Fastar configuration through all dealers.

It is much more time consuming for Celestron to get the precise mechanical alignment required for Fastar imaging.  This additional alignment and the materials of the removable secondary would require a further price increase on these scopes.  Since Fastar imaging is not as popular on the 11 and 14 inch models, Celestron doesn't want to pass on the cost to consumers that are very unlikely to use the capability.

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