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Sun Menu

Introduced with NexStar hand control version 4 (first included with the CPC) and available in all newer versions, the Sun Menu simply adds the Sun to the  and Solar System list (the Solar System which is also presented when you press the PLANET button.


  • Press the MENU button and use  the UP/DOWN buttons (6/9 on the number pad)  to scroll to Utilities and press ENTER.
  • Use the UP/DOWN buttons to scroll to Sun Menu and press ENTER.
  • If the Sun is not currently allowed in the Solar System list, the display will prompt you to press ENTER to allow it.  If it is already allowed in the list, the display will prompt you to press ENTER to remove it.  To leave the setting as is, press the UNDO button.

Additional Details:

  • The Sun is restricted in this way to protect the novice user.  Viewing the Sun for even an instant without the proper equipment (generally a full aperture solar filter) can cause PERMANENT eye damage, even blindness.  Use appropriate care!

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