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Problems After Firmware Updates

Generally once the Celestron Firmware Manager (CFM), HCupdate or MCupdate are able to connect to your scope and perform a firmware update, everything works as expected.  Occasionally though, you may experience problems.  Here are some tips.

  • Close CFM, look in the folder where you unzipped CFM and delete the Packages folder.  Start the process again.  Note it will take a few minutes for CFM to download all the packages via the Internet.
  • If you experience an error during the update process, repeat the update process, perhaps a few times, until it completes successfully. 
  • If you were updating via a WiFi connection to your scope, switch to a cable connection.
  • If after a failed attempt, CFM/HCupdate/MCupdate can no longer connect to the scope, power down the scope, hold down the 0 button on the hand control keypad and power up the scope.  This performs a factory reset of the hand control which may allow things to proceed normally again.
  • If during power up after an update, the hand control fails with "initializing" or "verifying packages" on the display, power down the scope, hold down the 0 button on the hand control keypad and power up the scope to force a factory reset.
  • If the update process seems to have problems on an Evolution mount, you might find it is no longer responsive to the hand control or WiFi control.  CFM may even have problems connecting to the mount.  In this case, press the reset button located below the two AUX ports on the side of the fork arm and retry the firmware update using CFM.

If you are still experiencing problems, it is probably time to contact Celestron.

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