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The NexStar User's Guide II
for the LCM, SLT, SE, CPC, SkyProdigy and Astro Fi
with Complete Coverage of StarSense and SkyPortal


Overview of the Book

ALERT:  PDF versions of this book being sold on the Internet are pirated.  Neither the author nor the publisher receive any reimbursement for sales of those pirated copies. The only authorized PDF versions are sold at the publisher's (Springer's) website.

The NexStar User's Guide was the first book dedicated to Celestron's very popular line of NexStar GoTo telescopes. This fully updated edition covers the newest alt-azimuth computerized scopes from Celestron. Detailed information on the alignment and operation of these scopes provides a complete reference that expands greatly upon the manuals provided by Celestron. Details are provided on each model allowing owners to enjoy trouble-free use of their telescope and providing the information a prospective buyer needs to make a smart purchasing decision. It also covers the StarSense system and the SkyPortal app in complete detail.

Additional Info

Where to Purchase the Book
Contents and Excerpts
Downloads and Online Resources
Updates and Corrections
The First Edition of The NexStar User's Guide

Extensive information on connecting and controlling the telescope with PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones is provided. A chapter is devoted to updating the firmware in the hand control, mount and StarSense camera. Chapters on accessories, collimation, maintenance and troubleshooting tips round out the book's expansive coverage. Additionally, the book offers a brief, but thorough, introduction to amateur astronomy, making it an ideal source for both the beginner to astronomy as well as the seasoned veteran looking to get the most out of a new telescope.

See Contents and Excepts for the complete Table of Contents.

Be sure to visit the Updates and Corrections link above for the latest information related to these telescopes. Provide your comments and suggestions HERE. No reader quotes are posted without permission from the sender.

Reader Quotes

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm very appreciative of the 'NexStar User's Guide II'. When I purchased my 102 SLT, I knew there had to be way more info than was provided in Celestron's manual. As a 'read the manual geek', I was very pleased with all the additional information presented in the Guide". - Jim

"Hello Michael, I just finished reading the NexStar Users Guide II and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! You have an excellent writing style and great ability to explain tricky concepts. I have also used your web site for many years. Iím an amateur astronomer who just started again! I still have my 80 GT which I use mostly for solar observing. Just purchased a NexStar 4SE with SkyPortal and am having a blast with it." - Earl

"Your book is excellent! Extremely readable and informative." - Steve

"Just want to say I really enjoyed your book. Well written, and tons of great info." - Karl

Reader comments on

Highlights of the Book

  • The author is an active participant in online discussions, creator of the most popular NexStar-related web site on the Internet ( and tests equipment and firmware for Celestron.
  • Basic astronomy concepts are presented for the beginner in a brief, clear format.
  • Information is provided on each model and advice is given to aid in selecting the model best suited to the individual.
  • The alignment process, critical to achieve accurate GoTo performance, is detailed in its own chapter.
  • Basic operation of both the hand controls and SkyPortal are covered in detail to provide a complete reference and to supplement scarce and sometimes confusing information in the owner's manual.
  • A chapter is provided to encourage the reader to expand viewing targets beyond just 'hunt and peck' on the hand control.
  • Additional chapters provide details on accessories, maintenance, collimation and other practical information.
  • A chapter is devoted to the use of personal computers (PCs), tablets and smartphones to interface with and supplement the basic operation of the telescope.
  • Publisher: Springer
  • Pages: 275
  • ISBN-13: 978-3319649320
  • ISBN-10: 3319649329

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