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Alternate Locations for the Hand Control

Although it was nice of Celestron to give us a place to store the hand control (HC) in the fork arm on the N4 and larger NexStars, I doubt many of us find the location convenient for operating the scope.  On my N11 GPS I have my HC attached to the base using 3/4 inch self-adhesive Velcro.   In this location you can see the HC from your position at the eyepiece.

Place a piece of paper over the silver NexStar emblem near the ports on the base and trace its outline. Then cut the circle out of the paper and fold it in half.  Using that as a template, cut two pieces of Velcro (the plastic 'hook' part) to cover the emblem. Then cut two, 3 inch long strips of the mating Velcro (the fuzzy, loop part) and place them just below the middle screws on the back of the HC.


With the HC plugged into Aux 2 (it works in either Aux port), the cord makes a graceful loop up to the top of the HC when it is stuck in place. Note that the scope won't swing back to the 'parked' position without pulling the HC free and storing it in the holder in the fork arm.  Also, since it's Velcro, you can put patches at other locations if you like!  I no longer use the HC in the fork arm position, so I never reattach the plug in that hard to reach jack.

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JMI offers brackets that fit into the opening in the fork arm of the NexStar GPS, NexStar SE and NexStar 5/5i/8/8i/8i Special Edition.  Look for mounting brackets using the Search Website link at their website :

For other models of NexStar scopes, strategically placed Velcro will make your life more comfortable.

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