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HyperStar Lens Assemblies for the 8", 11" and 14" CGE

Starizona has released models of their very popular HyperStar lens assembly for use with Fastar versions of Celestron's 8", 11" and 14" SCTs.  This allows the scope to be used as a super-fast (8 and 11 are f/1.8, 14 is f/1.9) imaging system, resulting in dramatically reduced exposure times and wider fields of view.

The HyperStar 8 and 11 are compatible with the SBIG ST-237A.  The HyperStar 14 is compatible with several of SBIG's CCD cameras, with the more expensive cameras providing fields of view previously unheard of when using an SCT.  The following table from the Starizona web site summarizes:

CCD Camera HyperStar 14 Field of View
SBIG ST-237A 24' x 18'
SBIG ST-7XE 35' x 23'
SBIG ST-2000XM 60' x 45'
SBIG ST-10XME 75' x 51'

For more details on HyperStar, visit the Starizona web site -  For more details on Fastar, visit the Celestron web site -

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