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Basic Information about the LCM Series

In January of 2010, Celestron introduced a new line of computerized scopes - the Celestron LCM.  The LCM series is a low-cost, entry-level scope which outshines competitors as the NexStar hand control includes all the advanced features of Celestron's top of the line models.  The LCM is offered in 60 and 80mm refractor models and a 114mm Newtonian reflector model.  Introductory prices are under $250 for all models.

The optical tubes are good, though certainly introductory.  The optical tube attaches to the fork arm with a dovetail clamp assembly allowing quick and easy removal.  In fact, this allows the LCM mount to carry a wide variety of small optical tubes by employing a matching dovetail bar.  The dovetail is compatible with the CG-5, LXD-55, Vixen GPs, etc.

Users report excellent GoTo and tracking performance; objects remain in the field of view for as long as you care to watch them.  The tripod is definitely budget - it is a lightweight aluminum tripod which is relatively short (it would be great for use by children).  Power can be provided by 8 AA alkaline batteries stored in the base or by an external 12V power source (recommended as AA batteries will be expensive if you use the scope frequently).  See Odds and Ends on this web site for power source suggestions.

The hand control sports the latest version of the NexStar firmware and is upgradeable by the owner - see Firmware Versions section of this web site for details.  This hand control responds to the same PC commands (via the RS-232 port on the bottom) as the NexStar 8/9.25/11 GPS, so software compatible with the NexStar GPS is compatible with the LCM.

Additional information is found on Celestron's web site (

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