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Manual Hand Control for the Auto Guide Port

A manual hand control can be attached to the Auto Guide port on the NexStar 8/9.25/11 GPS, NexStar 5i/8i/8i Special Edition, CGE, CGE Pro, CGEM and AS-GT scopes.  This is very useful for manually guiding the scope during long exposure astrophotography.  When using the normal hand control to guide, you may accidentally press the Enter button, causing the telescope to swing away and re-center, ruining your exposure.  Additionally, this manual hand control can be used in conjunction with NexRemote, providing a small control right at the telescope to allow centering and slow rate slewing if your PC is out of reach.

Note that this only works if the scope is operating in EQ mode - not alt-az mode. 

If you can find it, you can purchase the manual hand control (Celestron part number 28983) made for the CI-700 and some of the older Celestron scopes.  Or you can build one yourself.  The required parts are a small project box, four normally OFF push button (momentary) switches, and an RJ-12 cable.  The diagram below shows the correct wiring.

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