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Ports and Connectors on NexStar GT and Original NexStar 5/8 Scopes

Click here for a diagram by Larry McNish depicting NexStar cable/port connections.

  • RS-232 Port - located on the bottom of the hand control.  The primary usage of this port is for controlling your scope with the wide variety of astronomy software available for PCs, Macs and PDAs.  The connector is a 4 conductor RJ-22 - the slim connector used for most telephone handset cords.  The signaling is standard RS-232 levels.  Click here for details on the cable used to connect this port to a PC.
  • HAND CONTROL Port - located in the hand control recess in the fork arm on the NexStar 4/5/8, found on the outside of the fork arm on all other NexStar GT models.  This is the port for connecting the hand control to the mount.  The connector is a 6 conductor RJ-12.  The signaling is TTL and so a serial port on a PC should not be connected to this port.
  • POWER CORD Connector - located on the lower part of the fork arm.  This is the connector for the power source driving the scope - details on this connector are found here.

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