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Replacing the Power Connector on Your Power Source

The power connector on the AC adapter and external battery pack cord is too loose on most NexStars.  This can lead to the power cord disconnecting during normal operation and thus you will need repeat the alignment process.  To prevent this, you can replace the connector on the power source (AC adapter, battery pack, etc.) with a similar looking connector with an inside diameter of 2.1mm and an outside diameter of 5.5mm (Radio Shack has it as part number 274-1569A, any well-stock electronics store will have something similar).  Connect the positive side of the power
( + ) to the inside conductor.

The CGE Pro uses a similar connector which is compatible with the connector described above, but it incorporates a new feature: a threaded collar to prevent the cable from being accidentally disconnected.  A compatible connector is Switchcraft part number S760K available at

In addition to ensuring you are using the right connector, it also helps to spread the two halves of the pin in the middle of the power socket on the scope's base.  Be careful not to bend it too far or you may break one of the pins.  Also be careful not to turn it as you may break the solder connection on the inside of the mount.

One other trick is to pull the cable up along side the fork arm and Velcro or rubber band it in place.  This pulls the connector to the side and ensures a positive connection.

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