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Basic Information about the SkyProdigy Series

In the summer of 2011, Celestron brought fully automated alignment technology to their computerized telescope line-up when they released the SkyProdigy series incorporating their new StarSense technology. An SLT-based mount featuring a built-in CCD camera with lens riding parallel to the optical tube, after powering up and starting the alignment procedure, the mount automatically slews around the sky taking images and recognizing the star patterns in each image. After three images, the mount has calculated the sky model and is ready to go. This requires the included StarSense hand control which interfaces with the camera.

SkyProdigy is currently available with either a 130mm reflector or 6 inch SCT. Additionally, the mount uses a standard CG-5/Vixen bracket to mount the tube to the fork arm allowing substitution of other small optical tubes if desired.  The tripod has a built-in level to aid during setup and the optical tubes include a red-dot unity finder.

The SkyProdigy mount is also compatible with the standard NexStar hand control, although that hand control does not interface with the built-in camera and cannot make use of the fully automated alignment routine.

There is no internal battery compartment so the mount must be powered by 8D cell batteries in the provided external power pack or by any other 12VDC external power source

The 130mm reflector model comes with inexpensive Kellner eyepieces and can provide much better views with improved eyepieces.  The SCT model comes with a standard prism diagonal of good quality and a high quality 25mm Plössl eyepiece to get you started.

Additional information is found on Celestron's web site -

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