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Skyan - Basic Wireless Control of Your Telescope and Motorized Focuser

July 2006

Read my full review of this product here.

Belsico Inc. ( in Ontario, Canada has introduced a unique product for Celestron computerized telescopes - Skyan.  Skyan is a wireless remote that allows you to manually slew your scope and change the slew rate from 1 to 9.  It also provides wireless control for many third-party focuser motors.  All of this in a remote unit with just 5 simple buttons in a case the size of keychain.

Skyan works with any Celestron telescope with an available Aux port:
  • CPC Series
  • NexStar SE
  • NexStar SLT
  • NexStar i Series
  • NexStar GPS
  • AS-GT (with use of the optional Auxiliary Port Accessory Kit - part number 93965)
  • CGE Series
  • CGE Pro Series
  • CGEM Series

Skyan was designed specifically to support the Technical Innovations Robofocus, but can control many other focusers with the correct cable.  Contact Belsico to inquire about other focusers.

Skyan consists of two units.  The receiver unit connects to the Aux port on the scope and your motorized focuser.  The small 5 button remote fits in your pocket or can be hung around the neck.  During cold weather the pocket is recommended - not to keep the remote warm (it operates down to -25C/-13F) but rather to keep your hands warm! 

The receiver unit draws all required power through the Aux port on the telescope while the remote operates for months on a commonly available CR-2032 battery.

I have a Skyan on the way - a full review will be posted in Equipment Reviews in the future.

The manual is available at their web site - download it and see if Skyan is for you!

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