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Heavy Duty Tripod for NexStar 8/9.25/11 GPS

The stock tripod from Celestron for the NexStar 8/9.25/11 GPS is fine for alt-azimuth work, but many find it is not quite stable enough when the scope is tilted on a wedge, particularly for the 9.25 and 11 inch models.

One heavy duty option is tripod model number 93509.  Tripod 93509 was available for a number years, though it is no longer sold new.  It is the same tripod sold with the CGE mount.  In addition to the tripod itself, this model number includes an adapter plate to fit the GPS models on the top of the larger tripod.  The tripod is adjustable from 36" to 50" in height, sports 2.75" carbon steel legs (as compared to the stock tripod's 2" legs) and a second set of tension arms towards the bottom of the legs.  This second set of arms adds much to the stability of the mount.

Another option is the Meade Giant Field Tripod.  Before purchasing, check to ensure your wedge will fit the tripod.

One other option would be one of the several portal piers on the market.  Again, check that your wedge will fit the head of the pier.

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