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Programming for NexStar Controlled Telescopes

Here I've collected a set of resources to help those intending to create software to interface with NexStar controlled telescopes.

  • Celestron's NexStar Communication Protocol Documentation - official documentation of the various serial commands available - version 1.2 of the document covering up to version 4.12 of the hand control.
  • Information and Examples on Enhanced Commands - information I created regarding commands introduced with versions 1.6 and 2.2 of the hand control particularly the commands allowing direction motion control at variable rates.  Includes a link to the complete source code of one of the first released version of my program NexStar Control Pad.
  • Original GT Model Control Commands - the serial commands for the original GT hand control (the one with all the bugs :-) are not documented in any Celestron-provided manuals.  But you will find them here.
  • Programming Examples - some sample source code and some additional information on the most basic commands.
  • Andre Paquette's AUX Command Guide - Andre Paquette has investigated the internal communications protocol of the NexStar controlled telescopes. Some of the more useful commands control the motor control and GPS modules. He has published an excellent guide of these commands for the technically inclined, which you will find available at his web site:

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